9/27 Podcast

Sports Brew Podcast 9/27/12

The Fail Mary, Fan unrest and the near fan revolt that changed the Redskins.  D-Stat calls for the Seahawk’s upset.  The NFL economic engine.  Defending the shield when convenient for the league (12.00).

The Redskins home opener – appreciating the bonds forged through the NFL experience (14.00).  The Fail Mary Game – Seahawks vs. Packers, Sydney Rice bear hugs Shields, and MD Jennings goes double pits to chesty (18.30).  The impact of the replacement refs on games & how the wrong kind of flag football determines the game (30.07).  The Count weighs in on the Fail Mary (33.47).  Ed Hochuli goes Vince McMahon (35.34).

The Belichick Zapruder Film & reviewable scoring plays (38.19).  Improving the game & the replacement ref home field advantage (40.19).  The Captain Gostkowski’s Siciliano (42.15).  The booze cruise at FedEx Field with the 100 proof, Captain style (43.14).  Ravens fans rock the BS chant during the Pats game (45.15).  Singletary returns with False Start Goodell and Rex Ryan’s snack shop (48.06).  Goodell and the replacments take a dump on the shield (54.24).   Gordon Gekko, Greed, and Goodell’s Legacy with the integrity of the league (55.19).

Fisticuffs at FedEx, The Redskins home opener, RGIII getting wacked  (59.04).  Flushing away money on beers and stale nachos, 7-11 runs, long bombs in the FedEx parking lot (1.05.56).  Defensive regression, a bitter loss for the Captain, and Bacardi with 50 Cent (1.10.14).

Week 3 Recap.  49ers-Vikings, Ponder Prop Bets, the 49ers Brute Print (1.12.33).  Houston-Denver, Schaub gets an ear piece (1.16.27).  New Orleans – KC, Jamaal Charles leaves a cleat print on Brees’ face (1.18.11).  Giants – Panthers, Cam Newton sulks, respect for Eli (1.21.31).  Cowboys – Bucs, the endzone slip up (1.25.37).  Tennessee – Detroit, or as Shannon reports – Tennessee beat the Titans, Detroit teases the fans  (1.27.58).  Arizona – Philadephia, Vick gets crushed, run the damn ball, the Cards believe (1.31.02).  Jets-Dolphins, Revis out, a Santonio sighting, icing the kicker fail. (1.38.59)  Peter Griffin and Pawtucket Patriot Ale (1.43.45).  Falcons – Chargers destruction mode, MJD beasts on the Colts (1.44.30).  Oakland – Pittsburgh shenanigans.

The Autumn Wind blows for Sabol, weaving the threads of football with the game beyond the game.  RIP, friend. (1.46.53).

Sports Brew Top 25 NCAAF D1 Poll (1.58.51).  Sports Book Face Brew fail (2.02.20).

Belated Birthday presents to the Captain, the Sports Brew Holiday hook up, the Sports Brew goes to confession, banging on (2.07.31).

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