The October 2nd podcast

October 2nd podcast

Kudos to Brees and Unitas.  Matt Ryan and Roddy White snap on the Panthers (4.18).  Hartline the fantasy monster and the Pack missing Philbin (10.16).  Welcoming back the refs, Hallelujahs, and the D-Stat Woo experience (12.37).  Hochuli is Back in Black (16.01).  Shannon’s Bud Light Fail and the power hour bartering system (17.45).

NFL Week 4.  Houston & a warning against the Arian Foster carry overload (21.42).  New England and the 5 hour energy beatdown of Buffalo (25.20).  A Chris Johnson sighting (28.16).  The 400 carry club and the follow up trend of fail (29.24).  Jets crash and burn into vomit balls (37.25).  Falcons-Panthers, Cam responds to his critics, Matty Ice clutches up (43.05).  Cam Newton, Peyton Manning, and the importance of QB leadership (49.00). Denver – Oakland (54.32).  The Cowboys implosion (55.36).  Team concepts, style over substance, & The Triplets are not coming back (1.06.04).

The Captain debates Cowboys fans, Jack Nicholson drops the truth, a decade of diddley poo (1.09.07).  Redskins-Bucs, Cundiff’s life as a cutter, RGIII goes without a headset (1.15.34).  Giants-Eagles, Dawkins returns, and the icing the kicker fail (1.20.49).  Gilbride, Eli, and the curious art of comebacks – you don’t get brilliant comebacks without some degree of risk (1.26.55).  Thoughts and Sports Brew support to Chuck Pagano (1.29.40).  The Captain can’t object to the Glory Hole – bonus Cowboys rant (1.35.13).

College Football, the West Virginia Glory Hole, The Count returns (1.36.08).   Projecting Geno Smith, statistical ass whoopings, QB badassery (1.40.31).  Top 10 picks, Tannehill’s draft slot, Brady Quinn and the hut hut nuts, the stain of Cleveland (1.46.10).  Georgia – Tennessee (1.48.54).  Spoofing Game Cock Nation, the Georgia Bulldog dark horse pick, and a big weekend of NCAA Football on tap. LSU-Florida, WVa-Texas (1.52.06).  Nebraska-Ohio State & the Buckeyes eke one out vs. Michigan State (1.59.13).  The VT-Cincinnati FedEx Fail as the Chokies return (2.00.42)

The LSU-Alabama Tea Bag Party, D-Stat Bag Bets, prison terms, and the SNL wannabe “Bag on the Face”  (2.10.14).  Brian H. Downing wins the Ryan Leaf Fail Horn Award of the week, the Count on balls, & beach trips with the OBC – the Ol’ Bag Coach (2.19.14).  Sports Brew Floaters, dumping on the Cowboys, and the Sports Brew hits the sack (2.22.58).

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