Week 7 Sports Brew Top 25 Poll

Steve Spurrier lead the South Carolina demolition of Georgia last week.

Without further ado, here is the week 7 Sports Brew top 25 poll.  Please note, after sending this in to our friends at www.relativesports.com We realize we dropped LSU and Florida State too far in the rankings this week.  Still, both have great opportunities to bounce back. We have in order; the rank of the teams, previous week’s ranking in parentheses, overall record and last week’s result.

1 Alabama (1) 5-0, Idle last week

2. Oregon (2) 6-0, Won 52-21 vs Washington

3. South Carolina (7) 6-0, Won 35-7 vs #19 Georgia

4. West Virginia (6) 5-0,Won 48-45 vs #12 Texas

5. Florida (9) 5-0,Won 14-6 vs #14 LSU

6. Kansas State (8) 5-0, Won 56-16 vs Kansas

7. Notre Dame (13) 5-0, Won 41-3 vs Miami (FL)

8. Oregon State (10) 4-0, Won 19-6 vs Washington State

9. Ohio State (16) 6-0, Won 63-38 vs Nebraska

10. Mississippi State (14) 5-0 Won 27-14 vs Kentucky

11. USC (12) 4-1 Won 38-28 vs Utah

12. Texas (10) 4-1 Lost 45-48 vs #4 West Virginia

13. Louisville (15) 5-0 Idle Last week

14. LSU (5) 5-1 Lost 6-14 vs #5 Florida

15. Florida State (4) 5-1 Lost 16-17 vs N.C. State

16. Oklahoma (18) 3-1 Won 41-20 vs Texas Tech

17. Clemson (19) 5-1 Won 47-31 vs Georgia Tech

18. Rutgers (20) 5-0 Won 19-3 vs Connecticut

19. Georgia (3) 5-1 Lost 7-35 vs #3 South Carolina

20. Cincinnati (22) 4-0 Won 52-14 vs Miami (OH)

21. Stanford (25) 4-1 Won 54-48 (OT) vs Arizona

22. Texas A&M (NR) 4-1 Won 30-27 vs Ole Miss

23. Louisiana Tech (NR) 5-0 Won 58-31 vs UNLV

24. Ohio (NR) 6-0 Won 38-31 vs Buffalo

25. Baylor (NR) 3-1 Idle last week

Fell out of the rankings: UCLA (24), Northwestern (23), Nebraska (21), TCU (17)

Top 5

Alabama picked a good week to be idle, seeing that the 3rd, 4th and 5th ranked teams lost.  This week the Crimson Tide travel to Missouri to continue the Grown-man football movement they weren’t ready for. Oregon is idle this week. South Carolina….congratulations, you destroyed Georgia.  As a reward, you get to travel to Death Valley and play LSU….AT NIGHT!!!!!  If there’s a tougher venue to play, than Death Valley at night, I don’t know of one.  Still, that Gamecock Defense is ferocious and will probably force the LSU offense into turnovers. Les Miles will need to be in “mad-hatter” mode in order to defeat Spurrier and company. West Virginia travels to Texas to take on Texas Tech and another high scoring offense.  Still, WVU has Geno Smith and he’s been a beast this season and should win. Florida travels to Nashville this week to take on an improving Vanderbilt team in a classic “trap game.”  Florida slayed one beast last week in LSU and plays another in South Carolina at home next week in a “winner will most likely take SEC EAST” game. Beware Gators, don’t overlook the ‘Dores. They played South Carolina to a 4 point game earlier this season.

Big Movers of the Week

Normally we’ll go with just one team, but this week there were several. South Carolina in their 35-7 demolition of Georgia was a thing of beauty. Shannon, who picked Georgia as a dark horse national championship team, saw that dream evaporate in a hurry as the Gamecocks dropped 21 points in the first quarter and only a Touchdown drive in the last 3 minutes prevented Georgia from getting shutout. Florida‘s tough as nails defense and Mike Gillislee let them prevail 14-6 at home over LSU. Next week, look for a South Carolina vs Florida matchup article. Notre Dame, yes THAT Notre Dame, finally cracks the Sports Brew top ten after thrashing Miami (FL) 41-3. We’re normally not a big believer in the Fightin’ Irish but Brian Kelly has this team rolling.  Their front seven on defense is just filthy and don’t look now but they have a chance (so you’re telling me there’s a chance?!) they could be undefeated going into their finale vs USC (Still have Oklahoma to play as well). Next game, they play Stanford in a game of smart institutions. Oh and it should be a good football game too.  Ohio State also cracks the Sports Brew top ten with a 25 point thrashing of then ranked Nebraska.  Since OSU isn’t available for a Big Ten Championship or Bowl game this season we’ve been hesitant to move them up.  However, 6-0 is darn good and Urban Meyer will have this team in a Title game in a few years.

Biggest Free Fall of the Week

Out of Florida State, Georgia and LSU, I’m going to go with Georgia.  We understand that the Bulldogs ran into a buzzsaw in South Carolina this past Saturday. We get it. But damn Mark Richt, this was the toughest game on your schedule. You don’t play Alabama, LSU or Mississippi State from the West (earlier this season we said Arkansas, but they stink this year). You play Florida at a neutral site in Jacksonville, which is a tough game don’t get me wrong. BUT….This was your chance to punch a ticket to the SEC Championship game….and the Bulldogs got physically whipped. They were taken to the woodshed and showed no heart in this game. South Carolina went Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and ripped your hearts right from your chest….and ate it. Where was this supposed beastly defense you had? This loss goes squarely on the coaching staff because Georgia was not ready to play…and that’s a shame.  It really is. Now, we will give Aaron Murray a pass because he found out earlier in the week that his dad has cancer and will be undergoing (or has undergone) surgery. That is tough news for anyone to handle, we don’t care who you are.

Game of the Week: Florida State @ N.C. State

When you talk about having to convert a 4th down play with less than 20 seconds left to win a game, that’s pretty good to watch. N.C. State did just that in winning 17-16 at home over Florida State. This is the type of game that has plagued the Seminoles for years.  You have a dominant team with dominant players…and you let one slip right through your hands. If Florida State wins out and win the ACC Championship, they’ll look back to this game and wonder “what if.”  The Seminoles lead 16-0 at the half, but the Wolfpack responded in the 2nd half keeping Florida State scoreless while scoring a Field Goal in the 3rd quarter and a pair of 4th quarter touchdowns. With 2:27 left the Pack blocked a FSU punt at the FSU 43 yard line to set up the game winning drive.  However, it took 3 4th down conversions (including 2 within the 15 yard line) on that drive to get the game winning Touchdown on 4th and goal.

That’s it for this week, no player of the week as the Captain was readying for a week-long vacation and the Twitter Terminator was away in Gatlinburg, TN for his 10th wedding anniversary.  We’ll see you next time.

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