Sports Brew Top 25 Rankings Week 9

Bill Snyder has done a remarkable job this season at Kansas State.

1. Alabama

2. Florida

3. Kansas State

4. Oregon

5. Notre Dame

6. Oregon State

7. LSU

8. Mississippi State

9. Oklahoma

10. USC

11. Ohio State

12. Georgia

13. Florida State

14. Clemson

15. Louisville

16. Rutgers

17. South Carolina

18. Texas Tech

19. Ohio

20. Stanford

21. Boise State

22. Louisiana Tech

23. Texas A&M

24. Wisconsin

25. Penn State

Two Strongest Showings this week (not named Alabama)

We have to give a ton of credit to Florida and Kansas State.  At the beginning of this season I wasn’t sure how the Florida Gators would respond to a 7-6 season under second year coach Will Muschamp.  After their first game vs Bowling Green, a lackluster 27-14 victory that included a ton of penalties and mistakes I dropped them from my top 25 rankings.  Then, the next week they went on the road to Texas A&M and gutted out a 20-17 come-from-behind victory in which the Gator defense shut down the Aggies in the 2nd half. After that time the Gators have been gaining momentum every week in route to a #2 ranking and 7-0 record. If they win vs Georgia this weekend, they will clinch the SEC East and a spot in Atlanta for the SEC Championship. That’s a far cry from last October when the Gators went winless in a murders row of competition (Alabama, at LSU, at Auburn and Georgia).

Bill Snyder does not get enough credit for the coaching job he has done, not only this season, but for his entire career at Kansas St (1989-2005, retired 2006-2008, 2009-present).  First of all, you’re trying to recruit kids to come to Manhattan, Kansas…to play football…for Kansas St.  I’m not trying to knock the good people of Manhattan, Kansas but that’s not exactly the first place you think of when you mention college football. Before Snyder’s first season at Kansas State in 1989, Sports Illustrated published an article on Kansas State football called “Futility U,” which labeled the school “America’s most hapless team.” Snyder’s record at Kansas St is 166-83-1 and that’s after winning only one game his first season, which was the first win in 3 seasons for the Wildcats. Fast forward to today and Kansas St is now #3 in the BCS. The program has definitely come a long way under Snyder’s leadership. (There will be a section at the end of this article of Snyder’s win/loss record throughout his tenure at Kansas St.)

Kansas State started this season ranked around #20 in most polls. Many expected them to be a solid but not spectacular team. Well, they have been both this season. After three relatively easy wins to begin the season, they had perhaps the toughest game of the season at Oklahoma.  They started the 4th quarter trailing 13-10, but scored two touchdowns to take a 24-13 lead and only a late TD by the Sonners made the final margin 24-19, which was only the 4th home loss ever in the Bob Stoops era in Norman. Now, with only five games left ( and a very favorable schedule: vs #18 Texas Tech, vs Oklahoma St., @TCU, @Baylor, vs Texas) the Wildcats are in prime position to land a spot in the BCS National Championship game.

Coaching Job of the Year?

For the past year the Penn St football program has been at the center of the most disgusting and vile scandal in the history of college atheltics (Sandusky). This caused the program to lose recruits and a few current players transferred without penalty thanks to the NCAA sanctions handed down (damn near got the death penalty, but avoided it).  After the first two games of the season (home loss to undefeated Ohio and a 17-16 loss at Virginia), many assumed this would be the beginning of the dark times in Happy Valley.  Cue up a “Not so fast my friend” from Lee Corso because the Nittany Lions have won their past 5 games by double digits and are rolling under first year head coach Bill O’Brien. Now, they get to host undefeated Ohio St in a game where two undefeated Big Ten teams face off in a game that doesn’t matter because neither team is eligible to win the conference championship.  To call this turnaround remarkable would be selling it short. I don’t know what will happen to the Nittany Lions the rest of this season, but to have won 5 games this season with everything that has gone on, Bill O’Brien should definitely receive consideration for national coach of the year with the job he’s done.

Thanks for reading this week, enjoy the games this weekend and please remember to listen to the podcast!  Here is Bill Snyder’s coaching record at Kansas St.  (courtesy of Wikipedia)

Year Team Overall Conference Standing Bowl/playoffs Coaches# AP°
Kansas State Wildcats (Big Eight Conference) (1989–1995)
1989 Kansas State 1–10 0–7 8th
1990 Kansas State 5–6 2–5 6th
1991 Kansas State 7–4 4–3 4th
1992 Kansas State 5–6 2–5 T–6th
1993 Kansas State 9–2–1 4–2–1 3rd W Copper 18 20
1994 Kansas State 9–3 5–2 3rd L Aloha 16 19
1995 Kansas State 10–2 5–2 T–2nd W Holiday 6 7
Kansas State Wildcats (Big 12 Conference) (1996–2005)
1996 Kansas State 9–3 6–2 3rd (North) L Cotton 17 17
1997 Kansas State 11–1 7–1 2nd (North) W Fiesta 7 8
1998 Kansas State 11–2 8–0 1st (North) L Alamo 9 10
1999 Kansas State 11–1 7–1 T–1st (North) W Holiday 6 6
2000 Kansas State 11–3 6–2 T–1st (North) W Cotton 8 9
2001 Kansas State 6–6 3–5 4th (North) L
2002 Kansas State 11–2 6–2 2nd (North) W Holiday 6 7
2003 Kansas State 11–4 6–2 1st (North) L Fiesta 13 14
2004 Kansas State 4–7 2–6 5th (North)
2005 Kansas State 5–6 2–6 6th (North)
Kansas State Wildcats (Big 12 Conference) (2009–present)
2009 Kansas State 6–6 4–4 T–2nd (North)
2010 Kansas State 7–6 3–5 T–3rd (North) L Pinstripe
2011 Kansas State 10–3 7–2 2nd L Cotton 16 15
2012 Kansas State 7–0 4–0
Kansas State: 166–83–1 93–64–1
Total: 166–83–1
     National championship        Conference title        Conference division title
Indicates BCS bowl game. #Rankings from final Coaches’ Poll. °Rankings from final AP Poll.

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