Part 2 of the 10/23 podcast

Part 2 of the 10/23 Podcast

NFL Week 7 Part II: Young QB progression – Failhorning Flacco.  Joe Flacctarsky is born plus issues with the Ravens (5.23).  The stain of Cleveland, Metamucil, and remembering Municipal Stadium (11.46).  RGIII as the gold standard of rookie QB’s in 2012 (13.12).  The progression of RGIII and the Redskins Offense.  Fred Davis out for the year and the return of Captain Chaos AKA Chris Cooley (15.31).

Looking forward to the Redskins-Panthers game (22.22).  Offensive progression and putting players in positions to success (23.46).  The impact of franchise QB’s as fans move from pessimism to optimism.  Mellow yesses, enthusiastic Oprah, and sound bite mayhem (28.09).  Redskins – Giants, the RGIII “it” factor, and Eli the 4th Quarter football Assassin (29.32).  London Fletcher wheels onto the field (36.41).  RGIII’s (and Luck’s) remarkable rookie progression (38.00).

The San Diego Chargers, sticky towels, and tacky balls (44.41).  John Fox and the Broncos respond by beating the hell out of the Chargers (49.37).  Don’t mess with Peyton Manning’s balls.  NPR Voices, Schweddy Balls, and Moist Muffins (51.15).  Salt-n-Pepa help Philip Rivers (52.40).  The legend of Joe Flaccid (54.52).  Jets-Patriots and the spoiled fans (57.14).  Salt and Pepper?  No, more Salt-n-Pepa (1.01.21)!

NCAA Football chatter – Florida, Georgia (1.10.37).  Kansas State, Bill Snyder, and Collin Klein the Heisman Candidate. (1.15.27).  Comparing Geno Smith and RGIII, looking for WVa to rebound (1.17.10).  Sports Brew Top 25 updates (1.22.10).  Penn State cracks the Sports Brew Top 25, getting Cundiffed, and a 67 Yard FG in High School. Getting hyped for pro and college basketball, taking the Sports Brew to some games, the unmuggable Captain (1.28.48).

10-26-2012 Part II.

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