October 30th Podcast Part 2

October 30th Podcast Part 2

Magnum PI Returns.  49ers – Cardinals beat down, Alex Smith balls hard, and the Randy Moss wrinkle.  The importance of running the ball, situational football, and game flow management (4.38).   Cowboys – Giants, Felix Jones whiffery, and Romo hangs out with Britney Spears  (5.35).  Giants fans holding their breath and an end game thriller with Dez Bryant (10.13).  Teams trying to get over the hump, the Cowboys propensity to come up short, and giving away W’s (13.04).  Making fun of QB’s again – we can’t leave out Philip Rivers as Shannon jacks the punchline (17.08).   Falcons – Eagles, Reid, Vick, offensive dysfunction, and the looming end of an era (19.54).   Saints – Broncos, Peyton Manning fires away, and Singletary drops by (25.56).  Denver setting up for a playoff run, in season progression, and Peyton plays Duck Hunt (29.51).  Building home field advantage in Denver, Peyton Manning’s football IQ, and the Captain attempts to call a few plays (35.16)

The NBA tips off with the Harden trade from OKC to Houston.  Houston gambles, Harden gets paid, and the Thunder get flexibility (38.20).  NCAA football breakdown and DMX helps Shannon give it to the audience (42.05).  Top 5 chatter, Alabama – Mississippi State snoozer, Oregon waxes Colorado, Kansas State rolls, Shannon jinxes Florida against Georgia, and USC eats it to Arizona.   Lane Kiffin at USC.  Notre Dame sticks it to Oklahoma – a rare Bob Stoops home loss, and Manti Te’o getting Heisman props (46.40).  South Carolina – Tennessee, Marcus Lattimore destroys his knee, evaluating his options and remembering Willis McGahee (49.55).   Previewing big NCAA Football match-ups (55.52).  Alabama – LSU.  Oregon – USC and a trap game warning for Notre Dame vs. Pitt (59.58).  Kansas State and Notre Dame matching up with Alabama.  Auburn gets rolled, remembering Cam, and the disaster of Chizik  (1.02.53).

Can crushing Tuesday wrap up, D-Stat props, PSA fails, and a DMX outro (1.04.40)

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