November 6th Podcast

November 6th Podcast

NFL Week 9 and the shine on Tuesday (and Wednesday) Edition!  The misery of the Panthers game brings out the beverage cart.  Redskins – Panthers, from a promising start to a Homecoming mid-season burn (3.48).  Finding motivation for the progression of RGIII and the team (11.33).  Bye week sound bite mayhem, VT football goes off the cliff (17.24).  Defensive garbage, DeAngelo Williams, inadvertent whistles, and Flo Rida gives the refs a lesson (20.43).  DeAngelo Hall gets a drink, picking off the Chief, copy paste errors, and a second studio in Colorado (25.05).  The Redskins suggestion box (29.21).  The Descendents reflect on the Redskins (33.22).

Bryant Mount McKinnie gets working on his strip club bills (38.24).  Giving Shanahan year 4, the post game press conference, in-season progression, changing an organizational culture of suck, and building a new legacy with RGIII (40.21).  Poor calls, poor execution, and the Captain goes epic rant (48.10).

Confusing Terry Bradshaw, the Colts going Chuck Strong, the Mark Woo returns (52.40).  Jacksonville suckage, Jim Mora, and sound bite mayhem (59.01).  The Colts bandwagon cranking up – come on ride the train plus a random trip down memory lane (1.00).  Sports Brew Election Night Stat of the Week of the Century – Peyton and Luck (1.04.00).  Getting the POTUS on board with the Sports Brew, Obama’s home brewing secrets revealed, beers with the FBI (1.06.49).  The Colts making Pagano proud, a Twitter contest idea for Irsay, appreciating Luck, and Curtis Painter goes Carmen Sandiego (1.09.08).

Cowboys – Falcons, fugly football, props to Witten, squandered opportunities, and the Falcons finding ways to win  (1.17.06).  Jerry Jones gets locked out with a blaze of glory hole (1.27.36).  Titans – Bears, Charles Tillman goes beast mode (1.31.21).  Eagles – Saints, missing Jim Johnson, and the the looming end of the Andy Reid era (1.33.30).  Sports Brew Q&A time.  Reid shoulders the blame and Marcus Vick goes idiot mode on Twitter (1.43.22).  Would the Redskins rather have Luck than RGIII?  Rekindling the RGIII – Luck debate (1.46.22).  John Farrell or Bobby Valentine – better or worse in Boston plus fun management ideas for the Red Sox (1.50.37)?  Is there a worse secondary in the NFL than the Redskins (1.53.19).  Projecting the Panthers plus Doug ‘the Muscle Hamster’ Martin (1.54.54).

Alabama – LSU, Saban anticipates soft defenses, college football chatter (2.00.12).  Shannon brings up the Mayans (no, seriously), Little Debbies, the big 4, Collin Klein rallies up, and Notre Dame in the mix (2.04.54).  Oregon drops the offensive hammer with Kenjon Barner and the NCAA recap.  Some basketball chatter – VCU Rams as a potential darkhorse in D1 Basketball.  Friendly wagers over the Duke-Kentucky game and the milkman strikes back  (2.10.29).  The 4 AM post Sports Brew election wrap up AKA flame out (2.15.22). Woo!

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