Part 2 of the Mega Podcast

Part 2 of the 11/13 Podcast

The NY Giants, the November Lame, and a D-Stat Dedication. The Giants – Bengals meltdown – wake me up when November ends (7.07). The song hat trick and the King of the Jungle hangs with Eli (9.23). Saints – Falcons, Jay-Z and the Saints change the game (16.40). Setting up for the NFC playoffs (21.06).

Sand Diego – Tampa Bay, Rivers and the game slinching taint, the Norv Turner unacceptable incident (25.19). Norv Turner meets the Sports Brew (28.07). 49ers – Rams, the McNabb Bowl and lessons from Jeff Fisher (29.59). Steelers – Chiefs – The Fugly Bowl, the Chiefs find ways to lose, Byron Big Time Leftwich takes over (33.23) The Steelers without Big Ben (37.48). Cowboys – Eagles – Eagles meltdown, Foles needs game experience, the bi-polar Cowboys (39.50). Hitching the wagon to Foles and opportunity for Dallas (41.25). Bears – Texans – beware Jason Campbell and Norv Helps evaluate the plight of available QB’s (46.35).

Alabama – Texas A&M – Johnny Football Manziel shows up and roll the Tide. Texas A&M hangs tough and inspires a musical disaster (50.43). The great McGuffin NKOTB debacle (55.21). The neutral zone infraction as Alabama goes Kriss Kross and jumps, jumps (57.15). Auburn, Najeh Davenport, and the beginning of the soiler alert (1.00.36). The misery of Auburn inspires complete sound bite mayhem, Willie Nelson pops in, and Cartman gets cranky. Evaluating the remaining undefeated teams and setting up the BCS Championship game- Notre Dame, Kansas State, and Oregon (1.06.18). Shannon calls his shot: The winner of the SEC Championship Game (Georgia – Alabama) and Kansas State. The return of the Georgia dark horse (1.10.06).

Wishing for an 8 college playoff in 2012. Big games with Stanford – Oregon, Kansas State – Baylor, Notre Dame – Wake Forest, an NCAAF round up, and Shannon channels Taz (1.14.15). Sports Brew Q&A: Evaluating D’Antoni to the Lakers, the Phil Jackson power play, Kobe’s death stare, and Mike Browns flameout in LA (1.17.01). E’s magical NCAA College Basketball and BCS predictions (1.27.44). The 49ers and Kaepernick (1.29.16). Still hanging tough at the end (1.35.40) Bonus Intro of Fail (after outro music).

11-13-2012 Part II

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