Part 2 of the 11/20 Podcast

Part 2 of the 11/20 podcast

NFL Week 11, Part 2. Broncos – Chargers.  Norv Turner stocks up on Twinkies, AJ Smith lowballs the team, and Peyton rounds into form (2.28).  Green Bay – Detroit (10.54). Randall Cobb – the real world Fantasy Flex Player.  Steelers – Ravens.  The Fugly bowl, Ed Reed blows up Emmanuel Sanders, Leftwich, the Luck – Big Ben parallel under Bruce Arians (15.06).  Atlanta – Arizona.  The Matt Ryan pick party, Lindley lets loose, and the Red Hot Chili Peppers give it away (20.30).  The Raiders – Saints (26.38).  The Saints heating up for a strong finish.  Houston – Jacksonville (28.00).  Matt Schaub goes Madden, appreciating Norm Van Brocklin, and a Chad Henne sighting.  The Captain’s favorite highlight of the Texans – Jaguars game (32.34).

NCAA D-1 football time!  Kansas State – Baylor, the SI cover jinx, and the purple people eaters (36.03).  Notre Dame – Number 1 for the first time in the BCS era, Lou Holtz chimes in, the importance of fundamentals (39.22).  Oregon – Stanford, questionable TD calls, credit to Stanford’s defense, and a BCS shake up.  The LSU – Ole Miss barn burner and Les Miles press conference fun.  Shannon finally gives Notre Dame respect (48.24).  Auburn – Alabama soiler alert, the fail of the ACC Championship game, and the Hokies 2012 flame out.  Ohio State’s wasted year. Florida – Florida State, in depth analysis, and 4 AM sound bite mayhem (50.49).  Johnny Football Manziel’s extra point attempt, Halloween fun, and a football overdose (58.10).  Shannon makes good on the Duke – KY bet, cheers, beers, fomatose Thanksgiving goodness, and a sound bite meltdown (1.02.20).  The worst PSA ever recorded – tampons, eye balls, alcoholic idiocy, and the future fail of American youth (1.07.48).  Alcohol is for drinking, dummy.  The Sports Brew wrap up –  Happy Thanksgiving from the Brew Crew!

11-21-2012, Part 2

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