1/4/13 Podcast

Part 1 of the 1/4/13 Mega Podcast

NFL Week 17 and the NFL Playoffs, Part 1:  Happy New Beer!  Andy Reid to Kansas City and trading Kevin Kolb for Doritos.  Redskins – NFC East Champs plus a 1999 rewind! (4.31).  Calbert Haynesworth is born.  Breaking out the bandwagon (8.10).  Tony Romo’s special deliveries and a Redskin team brimming with confidence.  RGIII’s stat line and the Alfred Morris glory hole show (10.48).  Romo gets the business from fans plus RGIII’s post game comments (13.25).  Alfred Morris and the power of team (15.45).  Seeing the bigger picture and appreciating the 2012 QB Draft class.  Contrasting Cam Newton plus the shared parallel of Team leadership skills and on-field maturity (21.45).  Props to London Fletcher – working hard to raise the bar (24.23).  Alfred Morris as RGIII’s Terrell Davis.  Setting up for Redskins – Seahawks with some sound bite mayhem.

Finishing off the Skins – Cowboys game (29.35).  The missing delay of game, Coldplay, and the return of the Count.  Dwayne Harris, Sav Rocca, and the facemask of doom.  Lessons from Peyton Manning – finding different ways to win and preparing for different scenarios (36.14).  Creating defensive conflict.  Settling Rookie of the Year on the field plus breaking records (42.24).  Props to Aaron Rodgers and Whitfield goes State Farm with a D-Stat hair piece.   Alfred Morris – the best thing McNabb ever did for DC (47.58).

From Pre-Season optimism to the NFL Playoffs – the Redskins and the Colts make the jump and bring out the House of Pain (50.34).  Shannon reps the Sports Brew in Indianapolis.  The return of Pagano, the classy Texans, and the game beyond the game (56.40).  Arian Foster goes Chuckstrong and Al Bundy debuts on the Sports Brew (59.44).  Remembering Bart Simpson plus shaking and baking with Spuds MacKenzie.  Back to the Colts – Texans (1.06.36).  The fail of Schaub and the Deji Karim show – no glory hole in Texas.  The separation of Special Teams and the steal of T.Y. Hilton.  Crediting Grigson and stressing organizational leadership – unifying beyond self (1.13.41).  Memorable imprints on the 2012 season and celebrating the moment with Luck, Wilson, and RGIII.  JJ say WATT?!?!

NFL Week 17 and NFL Playoffs: 1-4-2013, Part 1.  Mp3 format.

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