1/4/13 Podcast Part 2

1/4/13 Podcast Part 2

NFL Wildcard Weekend, Part 2: Dialing up D-Stat for a Wildcard Breakdown.  Calling our shots with the degenerates. Bengals – Texans (4.04).  Starting with the degenerate breakdown and cranking up the Wattage.  The strength of the Bengals – defense and the down trend of Matt Schaub and the Texans.

The Packers – Vikings (14.17).  Appreciating Adrian Peterson and Eric Dickerson gets salty.  The return of Favre and the Twit dix (16.13).  A Fail Horn dedication, the return of Woodson, and doubting Christian Ponder.  QB play favors the Pack.  A.P goes bananas in December (20.14).  Greg Jennings believes in his smellf, but his sister Valencia Jennings goes idiot mode on Twitter (25.04).  Defending Aaron Rodgers, the mega fail horn, the Twit Dix take on the Butt Fumbles (29.56).

Colts – Ravens (31.31).  The impact of Ray Lewis versus Team Chuckstrong.  A strong Baltimore home field advantage welcomes the original home team back to town.  The Pagano – Baltimore connection and Caldwell the time out eater.  The mysterious Ravens and the motivation of Ray Lewis (37.18).  Don’t underestimate the Colts or the Pagano factor (43.41).

Redskins – Seahawks (45.31).  Two of the hottest teams in the NFL bring the heat.  Alfred Morris looking for contact and Haslett’s improved Redskin defense.  Fan Super Bowl over reaction – focus on the Wild Card (49.21).  The Seahawks get physical on D and respecting the progression of Wilson.  Negating the Seahawks and the #1 scoring defense in the NFL (53.34).  Setting up the D-Stat Skype Case Race and the return of 4 am cranky daddy.  Remembering recent Seahawks – Redskins playoff history (1.01.26).  The crash and burn of Shaun Alexander.  The TMNT Teaser.  The Captain’s preferred playoff outcome predictions.

D-Stat’s Bowl Hit of the Week (1.07.07).  The Clowney monster blows up Michigan.  Golden YouTube nuggets, a Jon Gruden fail, and props to Spurrier at South Carolina.  Bowl upsets – Syracuse over WVa,  Clemson – LSU playcalling disasaster and Louisville – Florida.  Arnold helps out Mike Shanahan (1.17.22).  A quick D-Stat Giants defensive segment.  A New Year’s story (1.26.52)

TMNT Super Bonus Teenage Mutant Nija Turtle Meltdown mode (1.29.43).

NFL Playoffs: 1-4-2013, Part 2.  Mp3 format.

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