1-9-13 Podcast

The 1/9/13 Podcast

NFL Wild Card Weekend:  One heckuva ride comes to an end for the Colts and the Redskins.  Celebrating Ray Lewis – the identity of the Ravens  (2.44).  Recognizing Wilson, Luck, and RGIII as the new hearts of their teams.  The bandwagon of success – celebrate the moment (7.25).  The brotherhood of sports.  The amazing Jason Campbell jersey (10.35).  Redskins – Seahawks (13.12).  Embracing fandom at FedEx.  The first quarter of excellence and the Alice Morris slip up.  The first tweak and the shift in the game.  Giving credit to the Seahawks and Russell Wilson (17.25).  The cool Russell Wilson and the it factor (20.13).  Mark Sanchez and the Rex Ryan tattoo incident.

Exploiting opportunity, small margins, and shifting momentum (23.25).  Russell Wilson and the Richmond connection.  Playoff football wrinkles – the power of Kuhn.  A little extra pepper for the playoffs and a chipper rivalry (29.42).  Competitive games and Wildcard flames (33.03).  A Schmoyer salute.  The Lynch turnover, props to Fletcher, and setting up “win it” moments (35.13).  The Hankerson drop and giving the Seahawks opportunities to grind (39.48).  Russell Wilson rocks the blocks.  The Captain goes Prime Time for Russell Wilson.  The infamous 2nd and 22 plus Montgomery’s bad snap (43.07).  Near misses and close calls.  Give Alfred Morris the rock!  50,000 drunks make the call (49.49).  Two outcomes meet the hindsight hammer – the loss and the final injury (50.30).  The double edged sword of toughness.  The sideline pizza box, the Kirk Cousins question, and a locker room that sinks or swims with RGIII.  The military mentality and RGIII’s determination (56.10).  Celebrating toughness comes with risks.

Believing in RGIII (1.02.16).  The parallels to Adrian Peterson.  The birth of a legend through leadership and sacrifice.  The ultimate locker room commitment, full buy in, and the forthcoming redemption.  Foreshadowing through dreams (1.08.26).  The will to win – transcending the scoreboard.  The athlete’s sacrifice – the love of sport (1.12.54).  The fail of celebrating injuries – a sad reflection.  The NHL returns (1.20.38).  The BCS Championship Lame (1.22.20).  Roll Tide!  Props to Alabama and the amazing unity of SEC pride.  Game day experiences plus Richard Sherman goes Cortland Finnegan and Trent Williams pops in.  Don’t underestimate Russell Wilson and the Seahawks (1.29.02).  The story of persevering and the compelling human element through sport.

NFL Wildcard, Heart, RGIII, Redskins, Seahawks Grind, and the BCS: 1-9-2013.  Mp3 format.

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