1/16/13 Podcast

1/16/13 Podcast

NFL Divisional Weekend Part 1:  Alcohol and the power of the fake. Cranking up the NFL Playoffs.  Great story lines and NFL legends.  Peyton Manning and Ray Lewis in the locker room (4.45).  The emotion of Tony Gonzalez (9.04).  The great tennis and golf topical destruction (10.25).  The challenge of Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, and a splash of hockey (14.33).  Gus Golferson and Teddy Tennison are born plus the Sports Brew goes in da club (20.02).

Packers – 49ers (22.53).  The over-rated Packer defense and under estimating Colin Kaepernick (oops).  Explosive plays and big time 3rd down conversions (28.47).  Shifting into the playoff football gear (31.53).  Small margins of fail – the special Teams butterball and the puntception.  Kaepernick and the jets – being big in the moment (36.33).  Props to Jim Harbaugh – understanding the pulse of a team.  Rocking 50-sick and a discipline check.  The return of Vernon Davis and the art of deception.  The assertiveness of the 49ers and a discount double fail (44.37).  The Crabtree post game and the birth of the Cheerhawks (46.22).

Denver – Baltimore (52.16).  The double OT thriller.  Re-thinking Flacco plus Torrey Smith toasting Champ Bailey.  Football instincts: no guts no glory (55.54).  The Jim Caldwell factor,the  return of Ray Rice, offensive balance, and a super Flacco.  Ray Lewis passing the torch (1.01.39).  A kick off as cold as the Rockies.  Trindon Holliday goes beast mode.  Peyton Manning and the double gloves.  Yessir, from prostates to the 49ers Colin-oscopy, new advertising opportunities for the NFL (1.07.56).  The hat trick of Denver fail – inducing fan nausea (1.14.03).  Playing the percentages of Peyton (1.20.21).  The Flacco dagger and the Rahim Moore heart breaker.  Denver going medicinal as Peter Tebow celebrates (1.26.28).  A classic game and the perfect storm.  Peyton Manning’s playoff pain.

Breaking out the Reading Rainbow during the Denver off-season (1.33.35).  Yes, the Sports Brew cranks up a tribute to LeVar Burton as the Flacco Rainbow is born (1.38.47).  Wrapping up with Peter Griffin.  Bonus Brew: the Flacco Rainbow outro (1.48.33)

NFL Divisional Weekend Part 1: 1-16-2013.  MP3 format.

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