Part 1 of the January 17th Podcast

1/17/13 Podcast Part 1

NFL Divisional Playoffs Part II: Atlanta vs. Seattle.

Revisiting the Flacco Rainbow plus Sports Brew sing-a-long fails.  A sports Brew convenience Store shout out and a bit of Captain mixology.  Clearing 23k, the Olympic Boom, and a topical storm (6.26).  NFL Playoffs time and a Vince Wilfork name fail (7.38).  Seattle – Atlanta (9.34).  Atlanta delivering in the first half.  Seattle missing Chris Clemons and the Jadeveon Clowney cash bag (13.10).  The Brokeback Mountain topic jump.  Trading turnovers, the Chase Coffman show, and credit for Matt Ryan.  The Tony Gonzalez death grip TD(19.11).  Remembering when the Chiefs were actually good.  Attitude plays and Jacquizz Rodgers channels Brandon Jacobs (21.19).  The truck rule is born (23.57).  Stealing Skittles and the Bruce Irvin fountain of youth. Exploit the weakness (25.02)! Whats-his-face and the Cleo Lemon psychic lemonade stand.

Wasted opportunities for Seattle.  Hey Pete Carroll, take the points!  Tag teaming with Michael Turner and Roddy White (29.53).  Richard Sherman – you mad, bro?  Playing football psychological warfare.  Falcons defense blowing up Seattle at the end of the first half (33.51).  Jonathan Babineaux, making Reggie White proud, plus club sandwiches.  Squandered opportunities (37.26).  Taking the win and embracing the big moments.  Opening the come back door.  Russell Wilson, heart, and the scout’s whiff (43.59).  Playing bigger than measurables.

On the edge of a historic playoff collapse (49.16).  Atlanta’s prove it moment (50.27).  Fun with MC Hammer and the football gods smile on Tony Gonzalez.  Matt Bryant kicks the crap out of the monkey on Atlanta’s back.  Pete Carroll, icing the fail (55.48).  Hating on icing the kicker.  Props for Russell Wilson and Matt Ryan. Atlanta clutching up and winning through adversity.  Matt Ryan delivers and the Falcons take that victory away from Seattle.  Falcons getting over the hump.  The Russell Wilson post game – the definition of a football player (1.05.42).

NFL Playoffs – Divisional Weekend Part II: Atlanta Falcons vs. Seattle Seahawks 1-17-2013 Part 1.  MP3 format.

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