Part 2 of the 1/17/13 Podcast…going to the Bullpen

Part 2 of the 1/17/13 Podcast

NFL Playoffs – The Patriots Machine, 49ers – Falcons and Ravens – Patriots Previews:

Adobe Audition fails and calling up the Sports Brew bullpen, D-Stat Style. New England – Houston (3.53).  The Patriots playoff machine.  The Sunday Night dud (8.50).  The over matched Texans inability to finish.  The Shane Vareen show, Gronk, and the power of a franchise QB.  Setting up the Kaepernick – Hernandez tatt attack (13.30).  The talented Mr. Ridley (16.34).  Houston match-up problems.  Schaub – small margins and the land of almost plays (21.43).  Going through the Patriots and the Packers new defensive sponsor (24.42). Vernon Davis returns!

Bill Belichik, Tom Brady, and the Patriots legacy – pushing the boundaries of football evolution (27.05).  The organizational intersection between talent, coaching, and effort.  The two constants in New England – Brady and Belichick (31.52). Backing up a legacy and appreciating innovation from a football mind.  Sustained success and the importance of coaching – a Phil Jackson parallel.  The Schottenheimer shaft factor (38.07).  Contrasting Marino and Montana with Peyton Manning and Tom Brady.

Previewing the AFC and NFC Championship games (41.04).  San – Francisco versus Atlanta. Remembering the 1998 Falcons and the Dirty Birds.  The physical 49ers and theresilient Falcons go legit.  MC Hammer helps with the line plus pumps and a bump coverage (44.47).  Motivational tactics and Randy Moss goes 1012 BC (48.18).  Defensive injuries and the running game factor.  The weird San Francisco 3rd game trend of fail (51.35).  The Panthers parallel.

Ravens – Patriots (57.51).  The Ravens Team of Destiny vibe.  The Ray Lewis factor, Joe Flacco, and Caldwell’s influence.  What intimidation?  Pre-season prediction rewind (1.04.41).  Matt Ryan dials up MC Hammer for a quick prayer (1.08.50).  Getting Ludacris in the ATL.  Setting up the Super Bowl story lines.Props to LeBron James and looking for a Finals rematch (1.14.41).  NBA chatter.  Respect for the Clippers and some ugly in Laker land.  D-Stat’s Lakers review (1.21.52). A Sports Brew birthday shout out and drunk dialing the Twitter Terminator (1.28.00).

NFL Playoffs: Belichick and The Patriots machine, Hammer time, previewing 49ers – Falcons and Ravens – Patriots, NBA Chatter.  1-17-2013 Part II.  MP3 Format.

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