Part 1 of our Championship Week Podcast

Part 1 of the January 25th podcast

NFL Playoffs – NFC Championship – The 49ers grind down the Falcons plus Sports Brew shenanigans.

Cranking up birthday shots with D-Stat, LMFAO, and Lil Jon.  D-Stat’s bad birthday bets (7.04).  A Taser party, the JJ Watt Shocker, and stupid wings at Caliente.  The Next Great Voice Talent contest – cranking up a vote for Justin G. and the Sports Brew (14.51).  Rocking black Volvos and the Sports Brew drinking game (19.57). 49ers – Falcons (23.00).  The first half Julio Jones show, Shannon’s fantasy land, and the Falcon’s offensive trio.  The 49ers grind with Colin Kaepernick’s poise, physical football, and resiliency (31.03).  Gore delivers the inconvenient truth and the power of the trenches.  The LaMichael James factor.  Understanding the game plan and sticking to your football identity (35.59).  Riding the Vernon Davis train.  The D-Stat niche and the dynamic 49ers offense (42.17).  In control, animal, and the she hulk goes Flo.

Momentum swings and the 49ers go Trogdor (46.58).  The Randy Moss revenge game – a career bookender with the Falcons.  Remembering the 1998 Vikings and Falcons.  The fugly running of Tom Brady and Chris Cooley plus prop bets on Peyton Manning (51.58).  Going big with Vernon Davis, the VD tangent, and Ryan Leaf goes idiot (56.56).  The sticky towel returns, B-Dubs strikes Roddy White, and cross sale beer opportunities at Home Depot.  Props to Magic Hat and some Arnold Schwarzeneggersound bite mayhem.

D-Stats up and comer tennis word fail (1.04.59).  A kick three inches from perfection as the 49ers go Green Akers (1.08.03).  A David Akers Sports Brew contest.  A happy birthday shout out to Lilly.  Piling on D-Stat as his dog brings out hairy lipstick bombs (1.15.08) Matt Ryan and “the fumble” (1.21.24).  Fundamentals, Matt Ryan!  An inability to close out the 49ers.  Questioning Mike Smith and Atlanta’s half time adjustments.  The Harry Douglas incident (1.27.49).  Ahmad Brooks goes playmaker.  Missing Tony Gonzalez – the almost storybook ending. The small football margins in a loss (135.54).  Getting over the hump – the Ravens and 49ers parallel.  Rocking Anquan Boldin, Michael Turner’s future, and hoping for a Gonzalez return. The Jim Harbaugh devil’s advocate debate (1.42.15).  Captain Snarky and the No Guts, No Glory Super Bowl.  Atlanta’s unfinished business.

Please take a moment and vote for the Captain in Studio Center Total Production’s “The Next Great Voice Talent” competition.  Click the link below and vote for “Justin G.”  Thanks for all the support, Sports Brew Nation!

NFL Playoffs – NFC Championship, 49ers resolve, Falcons fumble, Green Akers, piling on D-Stat 1-25-2013.  MP3 format.

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