Part 2 of the Championship week podcast

Part 2 Championship week podcast

NFL Playoffs – AFC Championship: The Ravens get revenge on the Patriots, a Gronk in the Box, and Bernard Pollard goes Terry Tate.

From Ayo to Te’o – the full Manti (1.59).  Ravens – Patriots (5.07).  Late season momentum and the wild card dark horse.  Flacco’s turnaround and playing up to the moment (9.11).Pitta goes Timex.  Three signature moments that show how the Ravens were in the Patriots’ heads (12.33). Wes Welker and the big game drops (15.21).  Missed opportunities at the end of the first half (18.40).  Tom Brady and the Ed Reed slide kick fail.  The Ravens owning the moment through attitude plays (25.59).

The Stevan Ridley hit (30.03).  Bernard Pollard goes Terry Tate and brings the pain train (34.41).  John Harbaugh, football at its finest, and the Ravens impose their will (37.41). Delivering in the clutch, the Patriots, and the almost plays – when it’s just not your day. Joe Flacco’s playoff streak and a chance to make the history books with the greats (44.08). The Flacco Rainbow lives!  The Patriots missing the Gronk in the redzone (50.58).  The Sports Brew musical meltdown continues – welcome to the Gronk in a box (55.20).

Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, and the top QB-Coach tandems in NFL history (1.00.16).  Validating the Patriots’ legacy.  Shannon Sharpe calls out Belichick, disdain for the media, and the Gregg Popovich parallel.  Wes Welker’s wife calls out Ray Lewis (1.10.28).  Tom Brady gets fined plus remembering Martín Gramática (1.15.30). Ndamukong Suh,Katherine Webb, and capitalizing on opportunities.  Wrapping up with a bonus Gronk in the box segment (1.26.24).  NFL Playoffs: 1-26-2013.  MP3 Format.

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