Post Super Bowl Podcast Part 1

2/7/13 Podcast Part 1

NFL Super Bowl Part 1, Ravens roll, a Champagne celebration, 49ers fall, and shenanigans with Snoop Dogg.

One crazy Super Bowl.  A Sports Brew ¡Salud!  The Captain wins the Richmond vote for the Next Great Voice Talent competition (4.03).  A Champagne celebration and the perma-grin (6.08). Setting up The Super Bowl.  The Baltimore Ravens take down the San Francisco 49ers (10.55). The Ravens vibe of team unity and the strength of the locker room brotherhood.  Finding the edge and the development of an identity.  The pre-game team introductions – a stark contrast between two team mindsets (14.35).  The difference between earning and deserving the Lombardi trophy.  The Ravens’ playoff gauntlet and the toughness of Bernard Pollard (20.31).  A Rob Gronkowski DDT tangent (25.39).

The mindset variable – Who has it better than us? The Ravens experiential, attitude, and emotional advantage (31.33).  Testing the 49ers out of the gate.  The cost of mistakes on the Super Bowl stage.  Anquan Boldin goes big time.  Maximizing opportunities in the playoffs – exploiting weaknesses (36.27).  Missed opporunities, the Kaepernick to Crabtree factor, and tight margins – leaving plays on the field (41.38).  The Ravens clutch up and a toast to Chris Culliver as he brings up the rear.  Jacoby Jones and Joe Flacco re-writing the record books, the Flacco Rainbow, the power of Q.  Arm wrestling with Anquan Boldin, Roadhouse, Kurt fails, and the Sports Brew goes Over the Top (48.03).  The best of the bad TV Dads – Griffin, Bundy, and Homer (52.11).  Sipping on Gin and Juice, a Snoop Dogg topic jump, and birthing the fail.  Fun with Ray Lewis and car stereos (57.46).

The Super Bowl Part 1: The locker room brotherhood, earning the Lombardi, the power of Q.  2-7-2013.  MP3 Format.

Thanks for helping the Captain win the Richmond vote!  Justin G. is off to the finals in VA Beach for the Next Great Voice Talent competition!

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