Post Super Bowl Podcast Part 2

2/8/13 Podcast

NFL Super Bowl Part 2, Ravens clutch up, Kaepernick’s QB goggles, 49ers mistakes, the Crabtree non-call, and post game Flacco bombs.

The Black Out Bowl – a tale of two halves.  From domination by the Ravens to a thrilling come back by the 49ers.  Remembering Candlestick, the social media Black Out show, and the Tim Foil Hat Man (5.12).  Underutilizing Vernon Davis (10.07).  Giving credit to the Ravens while recognizing the 49ers’ mistakes.  Decision making, execution, and Kaepernick’s progressions. The 49ers’ Red Zone challenge – an inability to convert passes (13.21).  Under officiating, non-calls, and key mistakes that give extra opportunities to the Ravens.  The 50 yard tackling dummy on the Jacoby Jones kick-off return (18.28).  One final defensive stand for Ray Lewis and the Ravens.  The cost of missed opportunities for the 49ers (27.58). 49ers defensive short comings, missing a healthy Justin Smith, and the impact on Aldon Smith.

Joe Flacco’s pocket presence and Anquan Boldin goes vacuum.  Ravens clutchness, a 2003 draft rewind, and the fail of Spurrier (32.46).  Ravens clutch up, 49ers turnovers, and Ed Reed goes beast mode (37.49).  Remembering Neil O’Donnel.  Missing Randy Moss, an Inspector Gadget tangent, and the 49ers inability to convert on third downs (41.48). Kaepernick and the Crabtree goggles.  The Ravens exploiting Kaepernick in the redzone – beat us with your arm, kid (49.20). Criticism of the 49ers play calling, the inconvenient truth, and Ed Reed’s snack shack (51.39).  Big play Boldin, the broken face, and the brown out.  The final stand – wasted time and missed opportunities to Delanie Walker and Randy Moss (59.56).  Nullifying the threat of the pistol with the zero blitz.  Smart coaching and the Care Bears safety (1.11.33).  Missed opportunities, missed plays, the limitations of decision making.  One heckuva last ride for Ray Lewis and the Ravens.  Joe Flacco still dropping bombs in the post game (1.21.32). Wrap up, weird Eagles trivia, and Arnold chimes in on National Signing Day.  NFL Super Bowl, Part 2.  2-8-2013.  MP3 Format.

Thanks for helping the Captain win the Richmond vote!  Justin G. is off to the finals in VA Beach for the Next Great Voice Talent competition!

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