Fat Brewsday Podcast

Fat BrewsDay Podcast from 2/13/13

The Sports Brew Fat Brewsday is born, Kate Upton SI covers, and the post Super Bowl news lull.  D-Stat FTW is launched (9.13).  Happy Birthday, Michael Jordan (11.11).  Perhaps the best sports introduction ever and transcendant sports stars.  Fun with come back rumors plus an MJ birthday toast (16.53).  The D-Stat bitch sneeze (23.35).  The Sports Brew All Alcohol NBA Basketball Team – from Shaq to Chocolate Thunder (24.58).  The end of LMFAO.  King Cobra Malt Liquor, Ryan Leaf, and Najeh Davenport goes in the closet (37.04). Flavor Flav pushes it.  The great music library crash.  Dikembe Mutombo – the Sports Brew bad alcohol shot blocker (41.49).  Protecting Gronk and Blake Griffin from the Fail Horn Fatties.  Shots with Birdman shot, the A.C. Green daiquiri, and Dennis Rodman goes Absinthe.

A Fat Brewsday topic jump.  D-Stat’s revisionist party history, beer smack, and the alcohol challenge (52.14).  The return of D-Stat’s Haloti Ngata Case Race Challenge.  JaMarcus Russell and the comeback challenge (1.00.18).  JaMarcus name fails, plus Five Guys with Cypress Hill. Vince Young and $300k birthday insanity (1.10.32).  Memorable NFL Draft busts, remembering Ryan Leaf and sitting home on the Tim Couch.  Rooting for fail.  The Jadeveon Clowney sit out saga (1.21.31).  The Lattimore parallel and the impact of Nerlens Noel injury.  A down year for the Kentucky Wildcats and implications for next season (1.28.29).  Fun with college eligibilty.  MJ and the Coach K letter.  Duke student fails – the grandmother incident (1.32.58).  When taunts go to far and a poor reflection on the university.  Finding ways to enjoy sports rivalries without hate or violence (1.40.38).  Wrapping up Clowney, the importance of commitment to team, and remembering Sean Gilbert (1.42.07). Wrapping up Fat Brewsday with the Fantasy Failhorn and Arnold sound bite shenanigans (1.47.04).  Happy Birthday, RGIII!  Fat Brewsday 2-12-2013, MP3 Format.

Bonus segment of woo fail and sound bite mayhem (1.55.34).

This is how we Brew it:

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