February 22nd podcast

February 22nd podcast

NBA Trades, Dr. Jerry Buss, The Harlem Shake D-Stat Woo, NFL Combine, Sherman and Revis Twitter Feud 2-22-2013

The Dwarf jungle juice meets Hibiscus shots.  Going degenerate with @DStatFTW, and fun with the plus side (5.19).  Getting hyped for March Madness.  The quiet NBA trade deadline action (8.55).  Digging OKC, Eric Maynor, Larry Sanders, the Sports Brew VCU connection, and relative sports neutrality (12.18).  The continuing fail of Kris Humphries and the Kardashians (18.09). Kobe Bryant goes BMOC.  Remembering Dr. Jerry Buss and an amazing period of success (21.40). Appreciating anchor franchises – those teams that define a league.  The curious case of Lakers Blue, Hugh Hefner chimes in, and the Lakers – Celtics send off.  The Wellington Mara parallel, a possible Lakers turn around, and the Dwight Howard saga (32.04). Appreciating the Spurs and Gregg Popovich (40.26).

A D-Stat military school flashback, getting beaten with batteries to the face, and the Harlem Shake growl gets the Sports Brew treatment (46.01).  The Harlem woo arrives.  Going baritone with Tone Loc and a Wild Thing meltdown (52.06).  D-Stat’s fake parent back up for friends. Jeremy Lin and the taco Technical Foul economic breakdown (56.37).  Shots for Dr. Buss – the End of the Road (59.24).  D-Stat’s hit squad, a journey of self discovery, and another Harlem Shake beat down.  The Geno Auriemma Baylor booty call and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar goes Darth Vadar (1.06.22).  The Richard Sherman and Darrelle Revis Twitter feud plus a fun player debate (1.09.17).  An NFL Round up: Osi Umenyiora and Miss Universe, Dwight Freeney gets das boot, and Tony Gonzalez strikes back (1.24.20).  The bitterness of falling short.  Megatron takes the Madden Curse down.  Setting up March Madness and the Harlem Shake Woo Double D-Stat autograph session (1.34.52).  Hating on and defending the NFL Combine (1.41.56).  Rocking the Fireball, wrapping up with the Harlem Woo, and setting up the Bachelor Party (1.48.46). 2-22-2013, MP3 format.

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