April 11th podcast

April 11th podcast

The Captain is back!  The return of the Sports Brew drinking game and props to the VCU Pep Band – the Peppas (6.02).  The NCAA Championship: Louisville – Michigan (8.48).  Frustrating officiating, but a tremendously entertaining game.  The VCU – Louisville parallel.  Failhorning the refs, the Trey Burke block turned foul, and Karl Hess shafts Wichita State (15.16).  The missing Jamaican Buffalo Wild Wings, the Bobsled Cafe, and Cool Runnings.  Bob Marley overload.  Betting fails and the Luke Hancock woo train (20.39).  The Spike Albrecht show, the Hancock sucker foul on Burke, and Louisville storms the end of the first half.  Spike Albrecht gives Kate Upton a shout out (29.41).  Kate Upton and the Bachelor Party Biscuit breakdown.  Kroger, the keg shafting, and creating a biscuit rallying cry (38.20).  The D-Stat Hot Tub incident and the full deck (46.49).  Randy and the epic Chumbawamba keg stand faceplant (51.03).  Captain Snarky attacks.  Randy, the TMNT break out, and Sam Jackson pops in.

Back to Louisville – Michigan (59.58).  The Cardinal HAVOC, the speed of Siva, and questionable officiating.  Rick Pitino’s fantastic week, out coaching John Beilein, and the second half Michigan slop.  Fun with Pitino and the meat balls turnaround.  Peyton Siva and the Twitter skank – the Jenna Shea PSA (1.05.59).  A Sports Brew Shining Moment in the making (1.11.21).  Coughpocalypse.  The Captain’s off to the Next Great Voice Talent Contest Finals (1.17.20).  The Cardinals’ blood and guts, Michigan running out of gas, and the perils of getting outcoached (1.21.36).  Saucy Shannon, vomit balls, and respect.  Wrap up, the Captain’s wedding tips, and a big thanks to all of Sports Brew Nation! 4-11-2013, MP3 Format.

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