May 18th Podcast

May 18th Podcast

Shannon’s Blue Yeti and a toast for Mother’s Day.  The idiocy of Titus Young – the downward spiral, hanging with Jimmy Smith, and doing it the wrong way (9.29).  The Andrew Wiggins saga (16.53).  The Kentucky Wildcats and the tease of off-season championship hopes.  D-Stat’s Duke fan interjection. Wiggins and the unconference (23.44).  Looking at the Kentucky Wildcats incoming class plus the motivation of the bitter end (31.23).  Projecting Wiggins and the Jayhawks (35.10).  Appreciating the quality of character and the ability to handle the pressure of expectations.  Andrew Wiggins and fan hate – when the Twitterverse attacks (39.55).  The classic case of the Internet tough guy.  Building athletes up and then tearing them down – attacking a young man that seems to be doing it the right way (46.17).  Racist tones and extreme fandom gone awry – crossing the lines into Internet A-hole status.  The social media disconnect – objects of sports love and hate (54.01).  The power of positive sports stories – New Hampshire’s Cameron Lyle donating blood marrow to save a life.

The Jason Collins story – providing context and a contrast for the pressures of hatred (1.07.36).  Respecting the person, respecting the athlete, and respecting the sport.  The Bill Belichick mantra – show up and do your job.  Carrying the burden, the pressure of fear, and surprising wisdom from Ron Artest (1.13.04).  Martina Navratilova, Brittney Griner, and the generational shift in tolerance.  The lessons of Vince Lombardi – When Pride Still Mattered (1.21.07).  Embracing the fabric of community through the brotherhood of sports.  Media attention and fitting in to the conventions of society (1.27.30).  Being true to yourself – context through the precedent of Jackie Robinson (1.34.26).  Going beyond the box score – sports as a catalyst for social dialogue and change.  Wrap up and a special announcement – the Sports Brew joins the network (1.40.20).   MP3 Format, 5-18-2013.

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