August 3rd Podcast

August 3rd Podcast

The NFL returns with drinks on Romo and a mega contract beer party (4.46).  The Captain’s Donovan McNabb UnAppreciation Day.  Hanging with Mr. (Riley) Cooper (12.17).  The Philadelphia Eagles and the importance of team chemistry.  The ubiquitousness of technology and the perils of social media.  Cooper digs his own grave. The connotations of language, the power of words, and the bonds of trust.  The idiocy of Marcus Vick plus the unspoken sentiment.  The evolution of language, shifting context, and the cultural components of meaning. Shannon’s Navy A school story and a conflicted D-Stat (26.17).  Learning to manage your private and public personas – the dangers of digital interconnectivity and the powers of perception.  A locker room divided (33.56).  The double standards of athletes, perception, identity, and punishment – context with Ray Lewis, Rae Carruth, and Oscar Pistorius.  Violating the locker room brotherhood and breaking the bonds of trust.  A catalyst for social dialogue (42.20).


The NFL Hall of Fame ceremony (47.18).  Remembering Warren Sapp and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defense, the impact of Bill Parcells, and Larry Allen’s Genie head.  Jonathan Ogden’s power and the grace of Chris Carter.  A Jeremy Shockey tangent (57.56).  Why can’t LeSean McCoy and Riley Cooper be friends – healing with musical shenanigans (1.00.54).  Kenny Chesney, MJ, plus D-Stat becomes a secret Redskins fan Outlaw.


The Facebook Wall Q&A (1.08.33).  Post butt-fumble redemption for Mark Sanchez.  Carson Palmer and Bruce Arians in Arizona – a Kurt Warner parallel?  Faith in Bruce Arians, team cohesiveness, and the importance of belief.  Off-season winners and losers.  49ers, Packers, Seahawks, Redskins health, plus fresh starts in Kansas City.  The 49ers, Vernon Davis, and buyer beware on Austin Collie.  The Baltimore Ravens and Dennis Pitta.  The resigning of Victor Cruz.  The return of football trash talk.  Getting RGIII’s autograph – the life size painting at training camp (1.38.17).  Training camp autograph strategy, borrowing Shannon’s kids, and D-Stat creeps out.  Wrapping up with Shockey and Greg Oden to the Miami Heat.  8-3-13, MP3 Format.

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