August 19th Podcast (Part 1)

August 19th Podcast


The Sports Brew Brunch beatdown!  Tom Brady’s knee scare plus Tim Tebow hangs with Dean Wormer (4.24).  The return of the Omaha Beef and a guest appearance by Jim Beam.  Bountygate motivation – calling shenanigans on Sean Payton (11.39).  Reggie Bush, the Detroit Lions, and the challenge for Jim Schwartz (14.03).  The Cleveland Browns: Brandon Weeden vs. Jason Campbell.  The garbage stat glory hole of Reggie Bush.  The Barry Sanders tangent – Emmitt Smith, transplanting teams, and fun with roster possibilities (22.11).  The random Matthew Stafford fantasy draft pick text.  D-Stat’s QB challenge for the Captain – Donovan McNabb vs. Jason Campbell (29.36).




Sour grapes, Greg Jennings, and the the brainwashing-palooza (31.53).  The brainwashing of RGIII and an epic Donovan McNabb rant (33.15).  Bad blood in DC, young QB leadership, and the dangers of media saturation with Colin Kaepernick and RGIII.  Buying in to the team concept, organizational leadership, and championing the cause of the team.  Leadership through sacrifice, the GQ Interview, and Shanahan’s near death experience (41.33).  Forging a legacy and giving young players room to grow.  The McNabb Hall of Fame debate (45.13).  Fun with soundbites, the clutch hole, plus remembering the Terrell Owens locker room divide (50.35).  The Houston Texans blow up their video (screen), fun with Jerry Jones, and the hybrid Dallas Texans  (57.27).  Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers offense.  Bruce Arians calls out the 49ers and the Seahawks.  D-Stat and the Fred Davis Taser TD celebration (1.06.30).  Wrapping up.  08-19-13, MP3 format, Part 1.




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