August 31st Podcast

August 31st Podcast

The NFL returns!  A New York Jets dumpster fire and the Sports Blue arrives (4.03).  The Year 2 starting QB throwdown – the big four of Luck, RGIII, Kaepernick, and Wilson.  Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks – young QB leadership, presence, and the power of a team-centric approach (12.46). The  Seattle stadium security tangent, props for Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, and a Sports Brew NFL Kickstarter (17.46).  Colin Kaepernick and the San Francisco 49ers – handling star pressure through progression (23.47).  Challenges at WR, flexing Vernon Davis, pulling for Lattimore, and top-down roster power.  Kaepernick, the Russel Wilson contrast, and the danger of the ego trap (29.08).  Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts – the foundation in the post Bruce Arians era (34.39).  Learning to grind, controlling a game, and team maturation.  Ahmad Bradshaw, attitude, and a veteran presence.  RGIII and the Washington Redskins – the danger of media attention and the pressure of shouldering a franchise rebirth (39.23).  Sacrifice and the significance of marketing – the lens of media scrutiny, the AP parallel, and unrealistic expectations.  The early bye week and the Kirk Cousins factor.  Leaning on Alfred Morris and shielding RGIII – learning when to push the boundaries and when to pull back (50.51).  Team upside and the power of belief.  Two power divisions – the NFC West and the NFC South plus the rebound of the Saints (1.00.00).  Breaking down the two worst divisions in the NFL – the AFC East and the AFC West.  The Patriots, the Broncos… and everyone else.  QB’s that need to take the next step – Andy Dalton, Matt Ryan, Matt Schaub, Matthew Stafford and Tony Romo (1.08.57).  Eli Manning and the Giants gets D-Stat love (1.15.49).  Cruz, concern for Hakeem Nicks, and Andre Brown goes down.  Scoping out a few big games and a wrap up anthem (1.21.59).  8-31-13, MP3 Format.

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