NFL Week 3 Podcast

9/25 Podcast

NFL Week 3.  D-Stat goes Ronald McRedskin and the Giants get hammered by the Carolina Panthers.  The NFL 0-3 party, the weak NFC East, finding balance in Dallas, and the disappointing Saint Louis Rams (6.41).  Brandon Meriweather goes WMD on everyone.  NFL trends, the 3-0’s, the Patriots winning ugly, and the juggernaut Denver Broncos (12.12).  The Broncos prepping themselves for the playoffs plus the paper, rock, scissors running back by committee.  The New York Giants and the 0-3 hole – trending towards underachievement with a 38-donut (20.59).  The Redskins – a horrific defense making the wrong kind of history and the fool’s gold of garbage time stats (31.01).  Unrealistic expectations, DeAngelo Hall’s present for the Captain, and the let down versus the Detroit Lions.  RGIII’s progression and the Kirk Cousins debate (40.06).  The importance of the read option threat and hitching the Redskins wagon to RGIII.  RGIII versus Shanahan, the Tannehill rumor, and year 2 growing pains (52.14).  Year two of the cap penalties, Giants football karma, and D-Stat’s deflection with McNabb’s covert ops to bring down the NFC East.  Setting up the Redskins – Raiders game and read-option no-no lessons from Terrelle Pryor (1.02.01).  Lessons from the Kansas City Chiefs – Philadelphia Eagles game. Figuring out which 0-3 teams can turn it around, maximizing strengths, and the Colts – 49ers context (1.12.55).  The Trent Richardson and Ahmad Bradshaw tandem.  Coolio and the Fantastic 0-3 voyage for Redskins and the Giants (1.24.02).  Closing out the podcast with Mariano Rivera (1.33.41).

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