October 3rd Podcast

October 3rd Podcast

NFL Week 4.  The Sports Brew avoids the Government Shutdown, D-Stat to try out for the Giants, and the cream of the NFC East crap.  NFL trends, Jacksonville goes SEGA, and fun with free beers (7.06).  The lethal Broncos offense and the what-if Jacksonville fire sale – what would you trade for Maurice Jones-Drew (12.50).  Broncos – Eagles, the Welker-Manning connection, and figuring out the run game.  Looking at the AFC West, the Chargers wiping away Norv Turner, and the Chiefs turning it around (22.53).  A statement year for the Broncos, figuring out how to finish, and going Ylvis with what does the Fox say (26.54).  Crashing for Clowney, Daytona USA, fan rehab, and misguided hope in the NFC East (35.24).  Opportunity for the Dallas Cowboys, the struggling Redskins, and the Giants fall flat.  Giants – Chiefs, the Dexter McClusterfunk and the importance of belief (42.24).  Setting up the Broncos – Cowboys game, giving credit to the Chiefs.  Georgia – LSU and the Sports Brew NCAA D1 Top 25 Poll (58.10).  The Aaron Murray – Zach Mettenberger show, fun football names, the high stick, and gratuitous Sports Brew violence.  Alabama – Ole Miss, backing up the trash talk with a goose egg.  Jamal Lewis compares Johnny Manziel to Tim Tebow, the case for Johnny Football in the NFL – the ability to buy time (1.10.00). Blaine Gabbert, the butt-suck train chugs along, and D-Stat curses the Philadelphia Eagles.  The Sports Brew Buctoberfest begins and props for the Pittsburgh Pirates (1.16.29).  Insane in the membrane Buctober bridge jumpers plus PCP free at PNC.  Wrapping up, the 100k hit party and a bonus segment – the D-Stat-Ylvis what does the Fox say mash-up (1.23.39).

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Love sports? Enjoy refreshing beverages? Well, then welcome to the Sports Brew. Pull up a chair, download the podcast, and join the conversation. The Sports Brew - where sport is always on tap. Track down the Sports Brew Podcast on Podbean, iTunes, Livesportscaster.com, and Stitcher Radio, key words: Sports Brew. You may also break out the boomshakalakas and visit our main feed @ http://sportsbrew.podbean.com/
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