October 12th Podcast

October 12th Podcast

NFL Week 5.  Texans – 49ers: The Schaub effect and lessons from San Francisco – finding your identity by playing to your strengths.  A stale Texans offense, scheming tendencies, and finding ways to overcome.  Hail to the King (of Beers) and the return of Justin Blackmon to the Jacksonville Jaguars (15.31).  Chargers – Raiders: A Raiders turnaround, Terrelle Pryor, teams with fight, and dap for Charles Woodson.  The compelling AFC West – The Denver Broncos roll,  the Kansas City Chiefs grind, and Alex Smith goes game manager (22.28).  Seahawks – Colts: legitimizing the Colts (28.43).  The curious case of Trent Richardson.  Luck, Wilson, Kaepernick, Griffin, and Newton – lines of separation and progression through execution (37.17).  Creating opportunity spaces through the passing game, QB leadership, and creating team confidence through a sense of belief. Broncos – Cowboys: the barn burner that ends in Romo heartbreak (42.37).  The art of offensive football, giving respect to the Cowboys, and the importance of a winning attitude.  Peyton Manning and the super snooker bootleg.  Managing the moments and learning how to finish – Moreno and the game sealing first down.  Setting up a football character game – the Cowboys vs Redskins on SNF (53.50).  Opportunity in the NFC East, the Fantasy Failhorn hates on Eli Manning, and D-Stat defends the Giants.  Re-establishing an identity and breaking that rusty cage – looking for continued progression from the Redskins and RGIII.   The Tampa Bay Buccaneers MRSA party, the Redskins go NSYNC, and bad bounces for the Giants (1.03.03).  Giants – Bears, Brandon Jacobs trucks, the loss of David Wilson, and MJD rumors.  Wrapping up, possible lost years for the Giants and Falcons, Arnold piles on D-Stat, and the best ump call ever (1.10.01).

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