October 18th Podcast Part 2

Part 2 of the October 18th Podcast

NFL Week 6, Part II.  The San Diego – Indianapolis snoozefest and dap for Reggie Wayne hitting 1k.  Jim Irsay goes full idiot with Peyton Manning (6.52).  Peyton Manning’s body of work, fair criticism, and respecting the anchor of the franchise.  The Irsay backpedal plus taking ownership for organizational shortcomings (12.34).  Changing the model, moving on with respect, and a tale of two QB’s.  John Fox, the cheap shot, and being thankful for success (17.16).  Tony Dungy’s theory, making it personal, plus Tommie Harris and the the ex-girlfriend analogy.  Moving on to the new cornerstone – Andrew Luck.  Manning family funny money – Cooper Manning and David Wilson go to Vegas (29.00).  Redskins – Cowboys (35.04).  Giving the Cowboys credit, unmasking the Redskins flaws, defensive progression, and RGIII rolls out.  Orakpo on hold, special teams disasters, and missed opportunities (42.26).  The what what in the butt punt butt-fumble non-call.  The Captain returns to FedEx for Redskins-Bears (54.24).  The Kirk Cousins question and the meaning of 2013 – finding out what you have in RGIII and what needs to be build around him.  The manifestation of the cap penalties, a special teams landslide, and Dwayne Harris torches the Redskins.  Setting up the Redskins name debate and journalism versus advocacy – reporting the story versus becoming part of the story (1.02.51).  Redskins and Giants fans – friends in low places.  The Sports Brew NCAA Football Top 25: Florida State vs. Clemson, the Oregon – Alabama question, Johnny Manziel gets tweaked, and Marcus Mariota for the Heisman.  Wrapping up with beer, the Captain goes bodyguard, and going from the DD to the DE  (1.11.53).  NFL Week 6, Part II, MP3 Format.

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