Sports Brew Top 25 Week 9

The Heisman Trophy Race may be down three candidates (left to right) Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston and Johnny Manziel

The Heisman Trophy Race may be down three candidates (left to right) Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston and Johnny Manziel

1. Alabama (7-0) Won 52-0 vs Arkansas, this week vs Tennessee

2. Oregon (7-0) Won 62-38 vs Washington State, this week vs #17 UCLA

3. Florida State (6-0) Won 51-14 AT #13 Clemson, this week vs N.C. State

4. Ohio State (7-0) Won 34-24 vs Iowa, this week vs Penn State

5. Baylor (6-0) Won 71-7 vs Iowa State, this week AT Kansas

6. Missouri (7-0) Won 36-17 vs Florida, this week vs #22 South Carolina

7. Miami, FL (6-0) Won 27-23 AT North Carolina, this week vs Wake Forest

8. Stanford (6-1) Won 24-10 vs #17 UCLA, this week AT #25 Oregon State

9. Texas Tech (7-0) Won 37-27 AT West Virginia, this week AT #18 Oklahoma

10. Northern Illinois (7-0) Won 38-17 AT Central Michigan, this week vs Eastern Michigan

11. Fresno State (6-0) Won 38-14 vs UNLV, this week AT San Diego State

12. Auburn (6-1) Won 45-41 AT #20 Texas A&M, this week vs Florida Atlantic

13. Clemson (6-1) Lost 51-14 vs #3 Florida State, this week AT Maryland

14. Michigan State (6-1) Won 14-0 vs Purdue, this week AT Illinois

15. Virginia Tech (6-1) IDLE, this week vs Duke

16. Nebraska (5-1) IDLE, this week AT Minnnesota

17. UCLA (5-1) Lost 24-10 AT #8 Stanford, this week AT #2 Oregon

18. Oklahoma (6-1) Won 34-19 AT Kansas, this week AT #9 Texas Tech

19. Michigan (6-1) Won 63-47 vs Indiana, this week IDLE

20. Texas A&M (5-2) Lost 45-41 vs #12 Auburn, this week vs Vanderbilt

21. LSU (6-2) Lost 27-24 AT Ole Miss, this week vs Furman

22. South Carolina (5-2) Lost 23-21 AT Tennessee, this week AT #6 Missouri

23. Oklahoma State (5-1) Won 24-10 vs TCU, this week AT Iowa State

24. UCF (5-1) Won 38-35 AT Louisville, this week vs Connecticut

25. Oregon State (6-1) Won 49-17 AT California, this week vs #8 Stanford


A Weekend That Dashed National Title Hopes

For many teams, this past weekend served as a reminder that the college football season is a long road with many speed bumps along the way. Several title contending teams slipped up and for all intents and purposes, have lost their national title hopes.  Those teams include Louisville, Texas A&M, LSU, South Carolina and Clemson.  Georgia lost their chance a week ago with a home loss to Missouri.  A total of four SEC teams, an ACC team and Louisville.  (Granted Louisville’s chances were very slim, but….they had a chance).

Is the Heisman Race Down to Three Candidates?

Even with two losses Johnny Manziel is in the Heisman discussion.  Why you ask?  Well, when you consider in both losses the Aggies put up 41 and 42 points respectively and Manziel himself totaled over 500 yards of offense in both losses.  Let that sink in for a moment, one man totaled over 500 yards of offense and his team still lost those games.  That is incredible.  Another incredible stat, Manziel has 5 career games in which he has amassed over 500 yards of offense.  As we stated on Twitter, that is #absurd.  Manziel’s stats for the season: 159-217 (73.3 %), 2289 yards, 18 TD, 7 INT and 486 yards rushing with 6 rush TD.

Jameis Winston may have had his Heisman moment on a national stage on the Saturday night game of the week. Florida State traveled to previously undefeated and #3 ranked Clemson and just demolished them.  Winston’s stats from that game were also #abusrd; 22-34, 444 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT and 1 rushing TD.  On the season Winston is 112-157 (71.3%), 1885 yards, 20 TD, 3 INT and 3 rushing TD.

I wish I was able to see more of Marcus Mariota aka Oregon games.  Seeing the final scores of those games and seeing highlights probably don’t do this man justice.  We shall call him, Mr. Consistency because he consistently kicks the other teams ass! Period, end of statement. The closest game Oregon has played this season is when they traveled to Washington and escaped with a 21 point victory and was the only game this season the Ducks haven’t scored over 50 point in a game (ONLY scored 45).  Check out Mariota’s stats: 123-197 (62.4%), 2051 yards, 19 TD, 0 INT and 493 rushing yards with 9 rushing TD.  Really, the only knock on Mariota this season is his completion percentage isn’t as high as it should be.  That is what you call nitpicking.

Games To Watch This Weekend

#17 UCLA @ #2 Oregon

#22 South Carolina @ #6 Missouri

#8 Stanford @ #25 Oregon State

#9 Texas Tech @ #18 Oklahoma


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