Sports Brew Top 25 Championship Week Edition

Two top five teams, a bitter rivalry, an ending that may be the craziest in the history of college football. I normally start this post with the top 25 but I wanted to post some pictures of the aftermath from The Iron Bowl. What. A. Game.

An Alabama fan looking on in stunned disbelief

An Alabama fan looking on in stunned disbelief

Chris Davis returned the missed field goal for the winning TD vs Alabama

Chris Davis returned the missed field goal for the winning TD vs Alabama

Auburn fans storm the field at Jordan-Hare Stadium.

Auburn fans storm the field at Jordan-Hare Stadium.



Even in defeat A.J. McCarron is winning by receiving a kiss from Katherine Webb

Even in defeat A.J. McCarron is winning by receiving a kiss from Katherine Webb

1. Florida State (12-0) – ACC Championship Game vs #18 Duke


2. Ohio State (12-0) – Big 10 Championship Game vs #7 Michigan State

The Buckeyes were happy to see Auburn win (plus the Auburn/Bama radio calls)

3. Auburn (11-1) – SEC Championship Game vs #4 Missouri

Yes, we have to post this video.

4. Missouri (11-1) – SEC Championship Game vs #3 Auburn

5. Alabama (11-1) – IDLE this week

It took a miracle to knock Nick Saban and the Crimson Tide off.  Too bad there isn’t a 4 team playoff this season.

6. Oklahoma State (10-1) – This week vs #17 Oklahoma

7. Michigan State (11-1) – Big 10 Championship Game vs #2 Ohio State

8. Northern Illinois (12-0) – MAC Championship Game vs Bowling Green

9. South Carolina (10-2) – IDLE this week

10. Baylor (10-1) – this week vs #25 Texas

11. Stanford (10-2) – Pac 12 Championship Game at #12 Arizona State

12. Arizona State (10-2) – Pac 12 Championship Game vs #11 Stanford

13. Oregon (10-2) – IDLE this week

14. Clemson (10-2) – IDLE this week

15. UCF (10-1) – This week @Southern Methodist

16. Louisville (11-1) – Won 31-24 (OT) at #23 Cincinnati

17. Oklahoma (9-2) -This week @ #6 Oklahoma State

18. Duke (10-2) – ACC Championship Game vs #1 Florida State

Duke head coach David Cutcliffe celebrates his team's berth in ACC Championship Game

19. UCLA (9-3) – IDLE this week

20. Wisconsin (9-3) – IDLE this week

21. LSU (9-3) – IDLE this week

22. Fresno State (10-1) – Mountain West Championship Game vs Utah State

23. Cincinnati (9-3) – Lost 31-24 (OT) vs #16 Louisville

24. Texas A&M (8-4) – IDLE this week

25. Texas (8-3) – This week @ #10 Baylor

Three Biggest Games to Watch this weekend

1. SEC Championship Game:

#3 Auburn vs #4 Missouri (Saturday on CBS at 4:00 pm) My money is on Tigers to win

2. Big 10 Championship Game:

#2 Ohio State vs #7 Michigan State (Saturday on Fox at 8:00 pm)

3. ACC Championship Game:

#1 Florida State vs #18 Duke (Saturday on ABC at 8:00 pm)

The BCS Championship Game is down to 3 scenarios this weekend.

#1 If Florida State and Ohio State win their respective league championship games, then it will be the Seminoles vs the Buckeyes.

#2 If one of the top two teams lose, then the SEC Championship will decide the second participant. Even though Alabama is ahead of Missouri in the BCS rankings, the Tigers should leapfrog the Crimson Tide if they defeat Auburn on Saturday.

#3 If Duke and Michigan State defeat Florida State and Ohio state, all hell will break loose.  It would be a fitting end to the BCS era.  Of all the years to have a playoff, this year would have been it.  If this scenario occurs, the SEC Champion is assured of one spot.  Now, here comes the fun deciding which team will be its opponent.

Depending on how they lose, Florida State and Ohio State will make the case that they had to play an extra game when a one-loss team like Alabama didn’t. Alabama will make the case that they lost on a fluke play at the end of a road game at their bitter rival that is a top 5 team. Oklahoma State’s loss to West Virginia is crippling and I don’t envision a scenario in which they would leap frog Alabama. Same with Baylor and their one loss to Oklahoma State. Michigan State’s one loss is to Notre Dame, but they would be a league champion with one loss.  The case for Northern Illinois is they would be 13-0 (if they win the MAC Championship) and deserve the opportunity. Although I don’t envision scenario #3 occurring, it’s still fun to think about how many fans will be pissed off.

Heisman Trophy Top 5 (no particular order)

1. Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State: 218/317 for 3,490 yards; 35 TD, 8 Int & 134 rush yards with 3 rushing TD.

2. Jordan Lynch, QB, Northern Illinois: 212/329, 2457 yards; 22 TD, 5 Int & 1,788 rush yards and 20 TD.

3. Andre Williams, RB, Boston College: 2,102 rushing yards and 17 TD.

4. Braxton Miller, QB, Ohio State: 138/210 for 1, 759 yards; 21 TD, 5 Int. 891 rushing yards with 8 rushing TD.

5. Derek Carr, QB, Fresno State: 388/552 for 4,462 yards; 45 TD, 5 Int & 136 rushing yards with 2 rushing TD.

My gut tells me if Florida State wins the ACC Championship then Jameis Winston is a lock to win it. Winston was not charged in the December 2012 sexual assault case that came to light earlier this year. There will be some media folks who do not vote for him, but not enough to keep another Red-shirt Freshman QB from winning it.

Jordan Lynch is the long-shot underdog that I would love to see win it. He plays at a school that is not well-known and is most-likely BCS bound for a second consecutive season. He’s well over 4000 yards of total offense and over 40 combined TD. He truly is the Northern Illinois offense and is a lot of fun to watch.

I’m not too sure about the other candidates, but we shall see says the blind man.  Looking forward to a great Championship Saturday!


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