Sports Brew Top 25 Week 8 Poll

1. Alabama (6-0) Won 48-7 AT Kentucky, this week vs Arkansas

2. Oregon (6-0) Won 45-24 AT #25 Washington, this week vs Washington State

3. Clemson (6-0) Won 24-14 vs Boston College, this week vs #4 Florida State

4. Florida State (5-0) IDLE, this week AT #3 Clemson

5. Ohio State (6-0) IDLE, this week vs Iowa

6. Texas A&M (5-1) Won 41-38 AT Ole Miss, this week vs #19 Auburn

7. LSU (6-1) Won 17-6 vs Florida, this week AT Ole Miss

8. Baylor (5-0) Won 35-25 AT Kansas State, this week vs Iowa State

9. UCLA (5-0) Won 37-10 vs California, this week AT #13 Stanford

10. Miami (FL) (5-0) IDLE, this week AT North Carolina

11. Louisville (6-0) Won 24-10 vs Rutgers, this week vs UCF

12. South Carolina (5-1) Won 52-7 AT Arkansas, this week AT Tennessee

13. Stanford (5-1) LOST 27-21 AT Utah, this week vs #9 UCLA

14. Missouri (6-0) Won 41-26 AT Georgia, this week vs Florida

15. Northern Illinois (6-0) Won 27-20 vs Akron, this week AT Central Michigan

16. Texas Tech (6-0) Won 42-35 vs Iowa State, this week AT West Virginia

17. Fresno State (5-0) IDLE, this week vs UNLV 

18. Georgia (4-2) LOST 41-26 vs #14 Missouri, this week AT Vanderbilt

19. Auburn (5-1) Won 62-3 vs Western Carolina, this week AT #6 Texas A&M

20. Michigan State (5-1) Won 42-28 vs Indiana, this week vs Purdue

21. Virginia Tech (6-1) Won 19-9 vs Pittsburgh, this week IDLE

22. Nebraska (5-1) Won 44-7 AT Purdue, this week IDLE

23. Oklahoma (5-1) LOST 36-20 vs Texas, this week AT Kansas

24. Michigan (5-1) LOST 43-40 AT Penn St in 4 Overtimes, this week vs Indiana

25. Washington (4-2) LOST 45-24 AT #2 Oregon, this week AT Arizona State

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October 12th Podcast

October 12th Podcast

NFL Week 5.  Texans – 49ers: The Schaub effect and lessons from San Francisco – finding your identity by playing to your strengths.  A stale Texans offense, scheming tendencies, and finding ways to overcome.  Hail to the King (of Beers) and the return of Justin Blackmon to the Jacksonville Jaguars (15.31).  Chargers – Raiders: A Raiders turnaround, Terrelle Pryor, teams with fight, and dap for Charles Woodson.  The compelling AFC West – The Denver Broncos roll,  the Kansas City Chiefs grind, and Alex Smith goes game manager (22.28).  Seahawks – Colts: legitimizing the Colts (28.43).  The curious case of Trent Richardson.  Luck, Wilson, Kaepernick, Griffin, and Newton – lines of separation and progression through execution (37.17).  Creating opportunity spaces through the passing game, QB leadership, and creating team confidence through a sense of belief. Broncos – Cowboys: the barn burner that ends in Romo heartbreak (42.37).  The art of offensive football, giving respect to the Cowboys, and the importance of a winning attitude.  Peyton Manning and the super snooker bootleg.  Managing the moments and learning how to finish – Moreno and the game sealing first down.  Setting up a football character game – the Cowboys vs Redskins on SNF (53.50).  Opportunity in the NFC East, the Fantasy Failhorn hates on Eli Manning, and D-Stat defends the Giants.  Re-establishing an identity and breaking that rusty cage – looking for continued progression from the Redskins and RGIII.   The Tampa Bay Buccaneers MRSA party, the Redskins go NSYNC, and bad bounces for the Giants (1.03.03).  Giants – Bears, Brandon Jacobs trucks, the loss of David Wilson, and MJD rumors.  Wrapping up, possible lost years for the Giants and Falcons, Arnold piles on D-Stat, and the best ump call ever (1.10.01).

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Sports Brew Top 25 Week 7 Poll

DeAndrew White makes a one-handed TD grab vs Georgia State.

DeAndrew White makes a one-handed TD grab vs Georgia State.

1. Alabama (5-0) Won 45-3 vs Georgia State, this week AT Kentucky

2. Oregon (5-0) Won 57-16 AT Colorado, this week AT #17 Washington

3. Clemson (5-0) Won 49-14 AT Syracuse, this week vs Boston College

4. Stanford (5-0) Won 31-28 vs #17 Washington, this week AT Utah

5. Florida State (5-0) Won 63-0 vs Maryland, this week IDLE

6. Ohio State (6-0) Won 40-30 AT #22 Northwestern, this week IDLE

7. Georgia (4-1) Won 34-31 (OT) AT Tennessee, this week vs Missouri

8. Texas A&M (4-1) IDLE, this week AT Ole Miss

9. LSU (5-1) Won 59-26 AT Mississippi State, this week vs #20 Florida

10. Baylor (4-0) Won 73-42 vs West Virginia, this week AT Kansas State

11. UCLA (4-0) Won 34-27 AT Utah, this week vs California

12. Oklahoma (5-0) Won 20-17 vs TCU, this week vs Texas

13. Miami, FL (5-0) Won 45-30 vs Georgia Tech, this week IDLE

14. Louisville (5-0) Won 30-7 AT Temple, this week vs Rutgers

15. South Carolina (4-1) Won 35-28 vs Kentucky, this week AT Arkansas

16. Michigan (5-0) Won 42-13 vs Minnesota, this week AT Penn State

17. Washington (4-1) Lost 31-28 AT #4 Stanford, this week vs #2 Oregon

18. Northern Illinois (5-0) Won 38-24 AT Kent State, this week vs Akron

19. Texas Tech (5-0) Won 54-16 vs Kansas, this week vs Iowa State

20. Florida (4-1) Won 30-10 vs Arkansas, this week AT #9 LSU

21. Fresno State (5-0) Won 61-14 AT Idaho, this week IDLE

22. Northwestern (4-1) Lost 40-30 vs #6 Ohio State, this week AT Wisconsin

23. Auburn (4-1) Won 30-22 vs Ole Miss, this week vs Western Carolina

24. Michigan State (4-1) Won 26-14 AT Iowa, this week vs Indiana

25. Virginia Tech (5-1) Won 27-17 vs North Carolina, this week vs Pittsburgh

New to Rankings: Auburn, Michigan State, Virginia Tech

Dropped From Rankings: Maryland, Ole Miss, Arizona State

Close to making the cut: Missouri, Nebraska

Dream Game I’d Pay To See This Season 

#2 Oregon vs #10 Baylor

The over/under in this game per R.J. Bell ( would be a collegiate record 92 points.  My question, would this be for the first half or for the game? Baylor has scored 69 or more points in all four games this season.  Oregon has scored 55 or more in all five games this season.  These two teams light up the scoreboard at a video game rate and if the football gods let us have this game….my goodness it would be a fun watch.

Heisman Watch: Top 10 in NO Particular order

Tajh Boyd, QB, Clemson: 93/141, 1449 yards, 14 TD, 2 INT & 154 rush yards, 4 rush TD

Jameis Winston, QB, Florida State: 90/123, 1441 yards, 17 TD, 2 INT

Zach Metterberger, QB, LSU: 107/157, 1738 yards, 15 TD, 2 INT

Aaron Murray, QB, Georgia: 98/151, 1534 yards, 14 TD, 3 INT

Johnny Manziel, QB, Texas A&M: 100/140, 1489 yards, 14TD, 4 INT & 314 rush yds, 3TD

Marcus Mariota, QB, Oregon: 76/134, 1358 yards, 14TD, 0 INT & 338 rush yards, 7 TD

Bryce Petty, QB, Baylor: 67/92, 1348 yards, 10 TD, 1 INT

Lache Seastrunk, RB, Baylor: 53 rush attempts, 589 yards (11.1 per att, 147.3/gm), 8TD

Teddy Bridgewater, QB, Louisville: 104/145, 1562 yds, 16 TD, 1 INT

Sean Mannion, QB, Oregon State: 160/238, 2018 yards, 21 TD, 2 INT

Week 7 Must Watch Games:

#20 Florida at #9 LSU

#2 Oregon at #17 Washington


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October 3rd Podcast

October 3rd Podcast

NFL Week 4.  The Sports Brew avoids the Government Shutdown, D-Stat to try out for the Giants, and the cream of the NFC East crap.  NFL trends, Jacksonville goes SEGA, and fun with free beers (7.06).  The lethal Broncos offense and the what-if Jacksonville fire sale – what would you trade for Maurice Jones-Drew (12.50).  Broncos – Eagles, the Welker-Manning connection, and figuring out the run game.  Looking at the AFC West, the Chargers wiping away Norv Turner, and the Chiefs turning it around (22.53).  A statement year for the Broncos, figuring out how to finish, and going Ylvis with what does the Fox say (26.54).  Crashing for Clowney, Daytona USA, fan rehab, and misguided hope in the NFC East (35.24).  Opportunity for the Dallas Cowboys, the struggling Redskins, and the Giants fall flat.  Giants – Chiefs, the Dexter McClusterfunk and the importance of belief (42.24).  Setting up the Broncos – Cowboys game, giving credit to the Chiefs.  Georgia – LSU and the Sports Brew NCAA D1 Top 25 Poll (58.10).  The Aaron Murray – Zach Mettenberger show, fun football names, the high stick, and gratuitous Sports Brew violence.  Alabama – Ole Miss, backing up the trash talk with a goose egg.  Jamal Lewis compares Johnny Manziel to Tim Tebow, the case for Johnny Football in the NFL – the ability to buy time (1.10.00). Blaine Gabbert, the butt-suck train chugs along, and D-Stat curses the Philadelphia Eagles.  The Sports Brew Buctoberfest begins and props for the Pittsburgh Pirates (1.16.29).  Insane in the membrane Buctober bridge jumpers plus PCP free at PNC.  Wrapping up, the 100k hit party and a bonus segment – the D-Stat-Ylvis what does the Fox say mash-up (1.23.39).

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Sports Brew Top 25 Week 6

#1 Alabama (4-0) Won 25-0 vs #13 Ole Miss, this week vs Georgia State

#2 Oregon (4-0) Won 55-16 vs California, this week AT Colorado

#3 Clemson (4-0) Won 56-7 vs Wake Forest, this week AT Syracuse

#4 Stanford (4-0) Won  55-17 AT Washington State, this week vs #16 Washington

#5 Ohio State (5-0) Won 31-24  vs Wisconsin, this week AT #15 Northwestern

#6 Florida State (4-0) Won 48-34 AT Boston College, this week vs #21 Maryland

#7 Georgia (3-1) Won 44-41 vs #9 LSU, this week AT Tennessee

#8 Texas A&M (4-1) Won 45-33 AT Arkansas, this week IDLE

#9 LSU (4-1) Lost 44-41 AT #6 Georgia. this week AT Mississippi State

#10 South Carolina (3-1) Won 28-25 AT UCF, this week vs Kentucky

#11 Louisville (4-0) IDLE, this week AT Temple

#12 UCLA (3-0) IDLE, this week AT Utah

#13 Oklahoma (4-0) Won 35-21 AT Notre Dame, this week vs TCU

#14 Miami, FL (4-0) Won 49-21 AT South Florida, this week vs Georgia Tech

#15 Northwestern (4-0) IDLE, this week vs #5 Ohio State

#16 Washington (4-0) Won 31-13 vs Arizona, this week AT #4 Stanford

#17 Michigan (4-0) IDLE, this week vs Minnesota

#18 Baylor (3-0) IDLE, this week vs West Virginia

#19 Northern Illinois (4-0) Won 55-21 AT Purdue, this week AT Kent State

#20 Texas Tech (4-0) IDLE, this week AT Kansas

#21 Maryland (4-0) IDLE, this week AT #6 Florida State

#22 Arizona State (3-1) Won 62-41  vs USC, this week vs Notre Dame

#23 Florida (3-1) Won 24-7 AT Kentucky, this week vs Arkansas

#24 Fresno State (4-0) Won 42-37 AT Hawaii, this week AT Idaho

#25 Ole Miss (3-1) Lost 25-0 AT #1 Alabama, this week AT Auburn

New to Rankings: Maryland, Fresno State

Dropped From Rankings: Oklahoma State, Notre Dame

 SEC Provides Another Game of the Year Candidate

Georgia head coach Mark Richt celebrates the 44-41 victory over LSU

Georgia head coach Mark Richt celebrates the 44-41 victory over LSU

          For more thoughts on the LSU/Georgia game and college football, be sure to check back for the next podcast.                            

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NFL Week 3 Podcast

9/25 Podcast

NFL Week 3.  D-Stat goes Ronald McRedskin and the Giants get hammered by the Carolina Panthers.  The NFL 0-3 party, the weak NFC East, finding balance in Dallas, and the disappointing Saint Louis Rams (6.41).  Brandon Meriweather goes WMD on everyone.  NFL trends, the 3-0’s, the Patriots winning ugly, and the juggernaut Denver Broncos (12.12).  The Broncos prepping themselves for the playoffs plus the paper, rock, scissors running back by committee.  The New York Giants and the 0-3 hole – trending towards underachievement with a 38-donut (20.59).  The Redskins – a horrific defense making the wrong kind of history and the fool’s gold of garbage time stats (31.01).  Unrealistic expectations, DeAngelo Hall’s present for the Captain, and the let down versus the Detroit Lions.  RGIII’s progression and the Kirk Cousins debate (40.06).  The importance of the read option threat and hitching the Redskins wagon to RGIII.  RGIII versus Shanahan, the Tannehill rumor, and year 2 growing pains (52.14).  Year two of the cap penalties, Giants football karma, and D-Stat’s deflection with McNabb’s covert ops to bring down the NFC East.  Setting up the Redskins – Raiders game and read-option no-no lessons from Terrelle Pryor (1.02.01).  Lessons from the Kansas City Chiefs – Philadelphia Eagles game. Figuring out which 0-3 teams can turn it around, maximizing strengths, and the Colts – 49ers context (1.12.55).  The Trent Richardson and Ahmad Bradshaw tandem.  Coolio and the Fantastic 0-3 voyage for Redskins and the Giants (1.24.02).  Closing out the podcast with Mariano Rivera (1.33.41).

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Sports Brew Top 25 Week 5

#1 Alabama (3-0) Won 31-6 vs Colorado State, this week vs #13 Ole Miss

#2 Oregon (3-0) IDLE, this week vs California

#3 Ohio State (4-0) Won 76-0 vs Florida A&M, this week vs Wisconsin

#4 Stanford (3-0) Won 42-28 vs #18 Arizona State, this week AT Washington State

#5 Clemson (3-0) Won 26-14 at N.C. State, this week vs Wake Forest

#6 LSU (4-0) Won 35-21 vs Auburn, this week AT #9 Georgia

#7 Florida State (3-0) Won 54-6 vs Bethune Cookman, this week AT Boston College

#8 Texas A&M (3-1) Won 42-13 vs SMU, this week AT Arkansas

#9 Georgia (2-1) Won 45-21 vs North Texas, this week vs #6 LSU

#10 South Carolina (2-1) IDLE, this week AT UCF

#11 Louisville (4-0) Won 72-0 vs Florida Intl, this week IDLE

#12 Oklahoma State (3-0) IDLE, this week AT West Virginia

#13 Ole Miss (3-0) IDLE, this week AT #1 Alabama

#14 UCLA (3-0) Won 59-13 vs New Mexico State, this week IDLE

#15 Oklahoma (3-0) IDLE, this week AT #25 Notre Dame

#16 Miami, FL (3-0) Won 77-7 vs Savannah State, this week AT South Florida

#17 Michigan (4-0) Won 24-21 at Connecticut, this week IDLE

#18 Northwestern (4-0) Won 35-21 vs Maine, this week IDLE

#19 Baylor (3-0) Won 70-7 vs Louisiana Monroe, this week IDLE

#20 Northern Illinois (3-0) Won 43-39 vs Eastern Illinois, this week AT Purdue

#21 Washington (3-0) Won 56-0 vs Idaho State, this week vs Arizona

#22 Texas Tech (4-0) Won 33-7 vs Texas State, this week IDLE

#23 Arizona State (2-1) Lost 42-28 AT #4 Stanford, this week vs USC

#24 Florida (2-1) Won 31-17 vs Tennessee, this week AT Kentucky

#25 Notre Dame (3-1) Won 17-13 vs Michigan State, this week vs #15 Oklahoma

Team(s) I think could be ranked higher:  UCLA, Washington

Team(s) I think could be overrated: Louisville, Oklahoma St, Michigan, Florida

Dropped Out: Michigan State

Under consideration for next week: Fresno State, Wisconsin, Maryland

Games of the Week

1. #6 LSU AT #9 Georgia

This is Georgia’s third game (out of four) this season vs a team ranked in the top ten.  For LSU, it’s their first game vs a ranked team.  Georgia has the home field advantage while this is LSU’s first true road game (the game vs TCU was a neutral site game). LSU starting QB Zach Mettenberger left Georgia in 2010 after pleading guilty to sexual battery, which paved the way for Aaron Murray to become the Bulldogs starting quarterback.  This is an interesting game for Georgia because it looks to be the last big game remaining on their schedule.  If they can escape this early season gauntlet with one road loss to a top five team, there should be no reason to think they can’t end the season with an 11-1 record and be playing in Atlanta for the SEC Championship.  For LSU, this is the first test of a bumpy road that includes games vs Florida, at Ole Miss, at Alabama and vs Texas A&M.  (Game is on CBS at 3:30 pm EST)

2. #13 Ole Miss AT #1 Alabama

At the beginning of this season I told you to watch out for the Ole Miss Rebels.  We have a game in which both teams are undefeated and I believe the Rebels have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  In my college pick’em game on Yahoo, the point spread is 0.0… is a true pick’em.  While I think Alabama should win the game, it would not surprise me in the least to see Ole Miss come in and steal this one away from the Crimson Tide.  (Game on ESPN at 6:30 pm EST)

3. Wisconsin AT #3 Ohio State

Finally, the Buckeyes play a team that has a chance to beat them. Let’s see what Urban Meyer’s team is made of.  (Game on ABC at 8:00 pm EST)

4. #15 Oklahoma AT #25 Notre Dame

Bob Stoops vs Brian Kelly, should be a fun game to watch.  I’ll be flipping between this one and the LSU/Georgia game.  (Game on NBC at 3:30 pm EST)

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